Decoding Hate: Murder of local ‘Hindutva’ leader, followers spew communal venom

The murder of Kamlesh Tiwari, notorious for making inflammatory and religiously offensive statements has sparked protests not only on the streets but especially on social media, where propagators of hate are continuously posting provocative content

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Soon after the news of murder of KamleshTiwari, the self-proclaimed working president of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha (ABHM) became public, groups of “followers” have staged protests Fatehganj and Aminabad, where shops were forcibly closed down.

Tiwari was known for making inflammatory statements on social media platform: regular speeches threatening the removing of Muslims and “Islam from India” were common. His brand of “spreading Hindutva”, included saffronising Pakistan!Tiwari had, in 2015, also allegedly made offensive remarks against Prophet Muhammad which invited a lot of flak from Muslims. An FIR was also lodged against him for promoting enmity and for outraging religious feelings.

Following his murder, which took place within the premises of his home, the police have said that the assailants seemed to be known to him, (Tiwari) since they stayed with him for over half an hour. Social media allowed several problematic posts around the protests of the murder of a “Hindutva leader”. The most striking and outrageous post is a video of a man called Raja Singh which was released on his Youtube Channel:

In this video, among other things, Raja Singh can be heard saying “jis tarah se Kamlesh Tiwariji ki hatya ki gai usi tarah se in hatyaro ko sabak sikhane ki avashyakta hai..” (the murderers of KamleshTiwari need to be taught a lesson in the manner in which he was killed).

In this video, Raja Singh urges “hinduwadi” people or Hindus to kill the culprits of Kamlesh Tiwari’s murder if they find out who these “murderers” are. Raja Singh’s channel has over 2.5 lakh followers and the video has already gathered comments like “Hindu ek hona chahiye” (Hindus should unite) “Hindu ko mitane ki sajish” (this is a scheme to destroy Hindus). Clearly his objective is of spreading hate in a case of murder, which seems to have been committed by persons known to Kamlesh Tiwari. Until the police find the perpetrators of this murder, posts like these full of hate and abhorrence will keep floating on social media, reaching more number of people and influencing more minds, thus sowing the seeds of hate.
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