BJP leader attacks beef eaters in bizarre remarks; calls desi cow milk, golden milk

Dilip Ghosh, BJP President in West Bengal, known for making threatening remarks in the past, and a repeat offender when it comes to making inciteful statements, now makes controversial comments asking beef eaters to eat dog meat and venerates “desi cow” milk calling it golden milk

In line with his own track record over the years, DilipGhosh, BJP President in West Bengal, while addressing a gathering on the occasion of ‘GopaAshtamiKaryakram’ in Burdwan, spoke against beef eaters and said, “There are people who belong to the educative society and eat beef on roadside. Why cow? I would like to ask them to eat dog meat also. It is good for health. Eat other animals’ meat also. Who is stopping you? But eat at your home. Cow is our mother and we see cow killing as anti-social. There are people who keep foreign dogs at home and even clean their excreta. This is mahaaparadh (grave sin)”. He also claimed that desi cow’s milk contains gold, and therefore “its milk is golden in colour”.

Speaking about cows, he also said, “India is the place of Gopal (Lord Krishna) and respect for Gau (cow) will remain here forever. Killing of mother cow is a heinous crime and we will continue to oppose it. After breastfeeding, a child survives on cow’s milk. Cow is our mother and we will never tolerate if someone kills our mother,”.

Previous offences

In the past he has been in news for similar reasons. In August 2019,DilipGhoshthreatenedthe police while addressing a party programme in Mecheda, in response to which a suomoto cases was lodged against him at Kolaghat police station for making provocative statements. He had said, “An officer has been sent to Midnapore town just to strike at BJP workers… I want to warn him that the day I strike, his body will not be found.”

Then again when he asked his party workers to beat police personnel if they failed to take action against Trinamool Congress worker and said that the consequences of the same will be managed. He also admitted that there are 22 cases lodged against him and it does not make a difference.

In June 2018 as well, he had made inciteful statements and openly threatened TMC with violence saying that BJP will retaliate with bullets if their party workers were troubled. He made statements in Bangla which are translated by Times Now as, “(TMC members) are going to be jailed or they will be straightaway shot down… No one will be spared. The dead bodies will also be counted upon… If they hit us we will hit them back. There will be bombs in retaliation to bombs. There will be guns in retaliation to guns. Currently we have retaliated with lathis in retaliation to their lathis”

In December 2018 as wella case was lodged against DilipGhosh for inciting violence, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy. At a party rally in Jagannath Mandir Maidan, he had said, “If they come to break our panchayatsamities, Trinamool workers will be buried. Policemen will be skinned after removing their uniform. They will not be pardoned since they are policemen.”

Such repeat offences of hate mongering, inciteful speeches and threatening statements of BJP leaders is a proof that lack of disciplinary action from the top echelons of the party has encouraged such criminal behaviour and if the BJP does not keep such leaders in check, the menace of hate speech will plague the Indian polity even more. The consequences of this are perilous for our democracy.


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