BJP’s Dilip Ghosh calls intellectuals “Spineless devils”, “parasites”

West Bengal BJP State President can’t seem to give it a rest. After dubbing Gorkhas as anti-social elements and saying that the anti-CAA protestors were shot like dogs in Assam and Uttar Pradesh, now in a new abusive attack he likened individuals and members of the civil society protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) to ‘creatures’, ‘spineless devils’ and ‘parasites’ at a rally in Howrah.

Referring to a march taken out by theater personalities while addressing the crowd, he said, “Some creatures called intellectuals have come out on the streets of Kolkata. These parasitic intellectuals, who live and enjoy out of others’ pockets, where were they when our predecessors were tortured in Bangladesh?”

He also called them “devils who live on our food and oppose us,” further saying, “They did not know who their parents are” and “That’s the reason they say they can’t show the birth certificate of their parents.”

He also said that West Bengal was emerging as a “hub of anti-nationals” under the rule of the Trinamool Congress.

While his statements have shocked people, it seems like the Bharatiya Janata Party sees him capable of leading the party in the state. Ghosh was unanimously re-elected as BJP Unit President for three years, which only went to show that the BJP backed him despite his controversial statements.


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