Decoding hate: RSS man claims end of Christianity and Islam by 2021

Rajeshwar Singh, Chiarman of Dharm Jagran Manch which is an affiliate of RSS in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh has made a controversial statement indicating mass conversion or worse, genocide of Christians and Muslims in India. He has said that by end of 2021 India he will get India free from Muslims and Christians.

He is the Chairman of this RSS affiliated group in Western Uttar Pradesh. He has said, “Christians and Muslims do not have a right to live in India”

In this video he can be seen saying that “India’s conscience has awakened and is driven towards progress. Just wait and watch, December 31, 2021 will be the last day for Christians and Muslims in this country. We resolve to end Christianity and Islam in this country. This is not just my resolve but my companions’ as well and we will succeed.”

Although it’s a 4 months old video, the ideas expressed in it have continued to plague the society and they only keep growing as the reach of these groups keeps increasing.

The video as reported by ABP news, may be viewed here:

Our take: One can say that the laws like the Citizenship Amendment Act and further the National Register of Citizens (NRC) has prompted such right-wing extremists to make such statements and given fodder to their thoughts. Making India a Hindu Rashtra (nation) has been the agenda of RSS and its affiliate organizations or group reflect and brazenly promote the same ideology that hurts the secular character of India. It is against this ideology and the promotion of such toxic ideas that breed in this environment that has been created by the divisive policies of the Modi 2.0 government.





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