Demolish temple to build mosque: Sajid Rashidi stokes controversy

Sajid Rashidi, the President of All India Imam Association, has made a rather controversial and provocative statement after the foundation laying ceremony of Ram Temple in Ayodhya which was attended by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, among few others.

“Islam says a mosque will always be a mosque. It can’t be broken to build something else. We believe it was, and always will be a mosque. Mosque wasn’t built after demolishing the temple but now maybe the temple will be demolished to build a mosque,” Sajid Rashidi said. He also said that Prime Minister Modi had violated the Constitution by attending the Ram temple event.


The Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya land dispute case was in favour of the Hindu parties and which was largely accepted by various Muslim organizations.

Yet, Rashidi, who is a known face on television debates, has given this inflammatory statement revealing the ugly face of communal politics. Rashidi is termed by many as BJP stooge who is called on television debates where he makes absurd statements, giving right wing members on the debate panel a chance to engage in Muslim bashing. During the campaigns for Delhi elections he is known to have been a supporter of BJP. His Twitter account is accessible to only approved users but there are screenshots of his tweets put together by another user proving that he has connections with the BJP.



The Babri Masjid debate has always brought out the worst in Indian politics and this statement from Rashidi appears to be part of the bigger communal game.

Clearly, this seems like another political ploy to satisfy the Hindutva-wadis’ claims that Muslims will rise up against the construction of the Ram Temple. It’s natural that Muslim sentiments may have been hurt by the apex court judgment and the beginning of the construction of the temple with such pomp and show. But, the voice of people like Rashidi is not representative of all of Muslims, most of whom wish to live in peace and not be used as pawns in a communal game.


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