Goa: Congress seeks withdrawal of gov’t order appointing hate monger Prashant Patel as State Counsel

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President, Girish Chodankar, has expressed his shock and resentment at the Goa Government for passing an order appointing Prashant Umrao as one of the three standing counsels to represent the State before the Supreme Court of India.

Herald Goa quoted him saying, “We are extremely shocked and disturbed by one of these appointments. An advocate from Uttar Pradesh by the name of Prashant Kr Umrao is one of those appointed. He has been a hate monger, misogynist bigot and a serial fake news peddler for the longest time. He has been using his social media to spew communal venom against the Christian and Muslim communities. He has said some of the most disgusting things.”

Believing that Goa stands for its secular, liberal and progressive values, Mr. Girish said that Prashant Umrao’s appointment is extremism, that has no place in a peaceful state. “Being represented by such a person and that too before the highest court of the land with such a vile and communal mindset, is an insult to the people of Goa. CM Pramod Sawant is making a mockery of our culture and values by appointing him as a legal representative of the state,” he added.

The Opposition Congress Party has thus demanded the immediate withdrawal of the order. According to a Herald report, Girish Chodankar and his party have also posed a series of questions to the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant.

Mr. Girish asked, “We would like CM Pramod Sawant to tell us if he is rewarding Adv Prashant Kr Umrao for his communal mentality and if he agrees with his views on Christians and Muslims. We also would like to know what was the need to appoint someone from UP to such a prestigious post, when we have so many Goans capable of representing the state? Does he not think Goan lawyers are worthy enough? Is he even in control of what’s happening in Goa? Or is it just a puppet who is being controlled? CM Sawant should come clean to the people of Goa on who is controlling the state?”

As we had previously reported in SabrangIndia, social media platforms like Twitter have done nothing to curb Umrao’s comments against minorities, that in recent years have grown further divisive. In 2018 alone, his account had been flagged eight times for spewing fake news incidents like an alleged case by a Muslim lawyer against a Hindu ritual, senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai’s alleged call for killing thousand Hindus or propagating claims that the Kathua rape case never happened.


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