Haryanvi ‘Influencer’ Incites Followers To Lynch The Muslim Hyd Rape-Murder Accused

Chhikara is a Facebook-based public figure based in Haryana. He has a following of nearly nine lakh people on the platform. Facebook has done nothing to remove the post so far.

On November 29, when the news of the horrific rape-murder of Hyderabad vet Dr. Priyanka Reddy broke, Chhikara took to Facebook to express his feelings on live stream. On Facebook live, he showed the picture of one of the four persons accused in the case and asked his followers to remember his face. He requested his followers to save the picture,

He requests that the fellow inmates of the accused in the Hyderabad Jail to assault him, saying that this make them famous. Killing this person will be such a pure deed that it will be as if they bathed in the Ganga.

Chhikara incorrectly claims that when a public kills a man, they cannot be incriminated for murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. “Let them make a case against me.. but this dog needs to die,” he said.“Beshak se mere upar case darj ho jaaye.. lekin aise kutte ko maar de.”

He further says that the hands of administration are tied, which is why they can’t do anything to this man, or encourage you to do this man.  “But I’m telling you, until dogs like these die, these rapes and murders will keep happening.”

His livestream has 2.5 million views at the time of publication. With such claims, Chhikara continues to perpetuate the belief system that due process of law can be selectively done away with if enough people believe a person deserves to die.

Active since at least 2017, he runs “Harish Chhikara Garib Jan Sewa Trust” and claims to run philanthropic ventures.  A quick glance into his timeline shows him offering money to people in need as part of his social work – a widow to pay for the weddings of her daughters, for example. 

The “about” description of his page says, “Our aim is that the society should move away from the battle of religion and caste and work for the benefit of people and nature!”

The video can be found here:




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