Hate Watch: “Godman” threatens fast unto death demanding India be declared a Hindu Rashtra

Jagadguru Paramhans Das of Tapasvi Chhawani in Ayodhya had recently issued a statement that he will take his own life by immersing himself in water if the Union government did not declare India a ‘Hindu rashtra’ by October 2. He further said that citizenship of Muslims and Christians should be terminated.

After this announcement, he was put under house arrest to maintain peace as crowds had gathered in support of his statement. After this, he put out a video stating that since he was unable to get to the river, he would immerse his nose in a case of water, which he displayed on the video.

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide related content: Viewer discretion is advised

The video may be viewed here

In another statement issued on the same day, he has given the government time until November 2023 to declare India as a Hindu nation else he would go on fast unto death.

In a video released on Facebook in September, he can be heard saying, “These Muslims and Christians will be driven out. All the killings of Hindus will be avenged like the way demons were executed after kidnapping Sita. These monsters who have assaulted dignity of our mothers, daughters and sisters; the Muslims and Christians who have converted Hindus, those who have killed Hindus, will all be avenged. We all saints are ready now. We have decided that India should be declared a Hindu nation and Christian and Muslim existence should be ended. Hindus are brothers, Christians and Muslims will be chased out.”

He further said that there are a lot of weapons available here and we will provide these to all the Hindus and all people must understand the importance of religious books and weapons. Owning a weapon is our way of worship. A Hindu who does not have weapons and books, he is incomplete. To drive out darkness you need knowledge and to kill demons you need weapons”.

The video may be viewed here:




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