Hate Watch: Hindu-Muslim friends on bike harassed by men in Bengaluru

In yet another example of dissemination of the venom of hate and promotion of an atmosphere of fear psychosis, a Muslim woman and a Hindu man who were riding together on a bike were allegedly assaulted and harassed by two men on September 17 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The Hindu man was merely dropping off his Muslim colleague to her home when they were stopped by two men and questioned the woman why she was traveling with a Hindu man in “the kind of times we live in”.

The police have arrested the two men after the video which was shot by the assaulters went viral. In the video the assaulter questions the woman, “What’s your name? Aren’t you ashamed…? Don’t you know the kind of times we live in? Why do you behave like dogs and cats?” They even called up the woman’s husband and asked him how can he allow his wife to travel with a non-Muslim. The woman was forced to get off the bike and take a rickshaw to reach home.


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