Karnataka BJP MLA threatens to “put Muslims in place”

BJP leadership is in increasingly using pro-CAA rallies to voice their vile opinions and their obvious hatred towards the Muslim community. Thus, proving the point of people protesting against CAA who call the law anti-Muslim. Karnataka CM Yeddyiruppa’s political secretary and MLA Renukacharya recently attacked the Muslim community by saying that Muslims collect weapons in mosques instead of praying. “There are few traitors who sit in a masjid and write fatwas. They collect weapons inside the mosque instead of praying. Is this why you want a Masjid,” Renukacharya said.

He further also said that he will use the money allotted for Muslims for Hindus blatantly showing his toxic abhorrence and fascist mentality. He said, “I will put you [Muslims] in your place and show what politics is.”

This is not the first time a Karnataka BJP leader has made communal remarks targeting the minority community. Earlier, BJP MLA Somashekar Reddy had made controversial remarks at a pro-citizenship law protest in Ballari when he asked those opposing the Citizenship (Amendment) Act to think of the “consequences” if the majority community members hit the streets against them. For this statement a case was filed against Reddy for making such a provocative statement. 

Our take: BJP leadership’s now frequent impunity in openly threatening the Muslim community is reflective of their fascist ideology which is not only being propagated widely but is also seeping into the society. While it is feeding into right wing voters who now openly display their supremacist agenda and fake pride, is also creating a climate of fear for Muslims in India. As the protesters are rightly pointing out, the BJP government’s policies and laws are clearly in furtherance of their despicable anti-Muslim agenda.





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