Social media hate machine goes into overdrive against Rhea Chakraborty

Ever since the police probe into Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has begun, people have resorted to unwarranted bashing of Rhea Chakraborty, who was known to be his girlfriend when he passed away.

Hashtags like #JusticeforSSR #SSRMurderedNotSuicide #SushantWasKilled started trending widely on Twitter in India. The media trial began from the TV news studios taking up the onus of deciphering various elements of the case, dissecting every statement coming from the police, from Chakraborty, from Rajput’s family and the narrative completely went against Chakraborty. Everything was put to question, the money transferred from Rajput’s bank account, his credit cards being used by Chakraborty and many such personal details have been dragged in the mud now. Various social media platforms were filled with deplorable misogynistic posts blaming her for Rajput’s death.

She has already been dubbed ‘murderer’. Other terms being used against her are ‘gold digger’, ‘manipulative’, ‘credit card lover’ and many sexist slurs have been hurled against her reflecting the vehement and ingrained misogyny in the society.

Some tweets can be read here:



People are even questioning her income, based on TV news media trial:



There are even songs being made in Bhojpuri abusing Chakraborty using derogatory language. The media trial that has kept at it for many days, while sidelining the important issues that actually concern the nation, has largely contributed to this hatred on social media. The fact that the matter is sub-judice in court has been completely ignored by the media and people being people, are picking up from these unethical media trials to spread hatred against a woman. Whether Chakraborty is guilty or not is for the courts of law to decide yet, this public trial that she has had to go through since the first day is a reflection of us as a hate mongering society.


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