Delhi takes number two position nationwide as coronavirus cases cross 62,000

While five states – Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, Assam and WB saw a surge with migrants returning, the number of cases seems to be slowly decreasing now as the peak of this return is over

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The Covid-19 crisis continues to see an upsurge of cases in India. The total number of cases have reached 441,936 and the current active cases stand at 179,228. While 248,629 patients have recovered, 14,028 people have passed away due to the infection. On June 22, the country saw a total of 2369 active cases and a total of 13,560 cases.

The country is currently in the Unlock 1 phase with certain restrictions in place. However, the disease is seeing a sharp increase in some states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Haryana, West Bengal, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh where cases have been growing over the last 10 days, reported the Hindustan Times.


Maharashtra saw 3,721 cases on June 22, and the total confirmed cases went up to 135,796. Mumbai currently has 67,586 confirmed cases of the virus with 29,720 active cases. The recovery rate of Maharashtra is 49.86 percent and the mortality rate is currently 4.63 percent.


Delhi currently has 62,655 confirmed cases of the virus and is poised to take over Mumbai in the coming days. It currently has 23,820 cases. It recorded 2,909 fresh cases of the infection on June 22 and as many as 58 fatalities had been recorded in the past 24 hours. The national capital has consistently been reporting 3,000 cases or more for the past three days and overtook Tamil Nadu to take the second position in the nationwide tally.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu stands third in the nationwide tally of coronavirus cases with 62,087 confirmed cases and 27,181 active cases. The number of active cases are close to those in Mumbai and higher than those in Delhi. The state recorded 2,710 cases on June 22nd. The recovery rate is 54.94% and the mortality rate is 1.28%. In Tamil Nadu, Chennai with 42,752 has the highest number of cases. The resurgence in districts of the state was seen after a lull in May, soon after district borders were unlocked in the first week of June when people started coming in from Maharashtra and Telangana. Intra-state numbers spiked after people in Chennai began returning to Salem, Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode and Nilgiris, reported The Times of India. The Tamil Nadu government has also imposed a complete lockdown in Madurai corporation limits, Paravai Town Panchayat and all village Panchayats of Madurai East and Madurai West and Thirupparankundram blocks of Madurai district for seven days starting from June 24 early morning to June 30 in a bid to curb the rise of COVID-19 cases, reported The Indian Express.


Telangana witnessed a shocking single-day spike of 872 cases cases on June 22. The state currently has 8,674 confirmed cases and 4,452 cases and only an abysmal amount of 57,054 people have been tested 60,243 cases throughout the lockdown. The largest number of cases, 713 came from the Greater Hyderabad area. The Deccan Chronicle reported Eatala Rajender, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Telangana as saying that the Centre wasn’t helping the states in their fight against Covid-19 and restricted itself to lighting lamps. He also said that the Centre had also diverted the Cobos 8800 to West Bengal which could have helped the state to test 3,500 – 4,000 samples every day.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh currently has 18,322 confirmed cases of the infection with 6,152 active cases and the highest numbers coming from Gautam Buddha Nagar (1,516), Agra (1,144), Kanpur Nagar (972), Ghaziabad (942) and Lucknow (842). It reported 509 cases on June 22 and had seen the highest single-day spike on June 19 with 809 cases.

The state has begun converting rail coaches into isolation units and has announced that it will start using Rapid Antibody Test in Lucknow, Prayagraj, Gorakhpur, Varanasi and Kanpur to be extended to other districts in Western UP later.


The state currently has 11,199 confirmed cases of the virus with 5,080 cases of the virus. The highest number of cases have come from Gurugram (4,606) and Faridabad (2,413). The state has a recovery rate of 53.13 percent and a mortality rate of 1.51 percent. To battle the surge in cases, the government has now deployed 1,106 final year MBBS students with the health department to be appointed in various medical facilities, reported Medical Dialogues.

West Bengal

With 410,854 cases having been conducted until June 22nd, the state has 14,358 confirmed cases and 5,102 active cases of the virus. The recovery rate of the virus is 60.5 percent and the mortality rate is 3.96 percent.

The highest cases have come from Kolkata (4,734), Howrah (2,145) and North 24 Parganas (2,046). The state recorded 413 cases on June 22nd. The state government is soon going to hold an all-party meeting to discuss the Covid-19 situation in the state.


The state has 27,880 confirmed cases of the infection with 6,278 active cases. As many as 19,917 people have recovered and 1,685 people have lost their lives due to the infection. The top districts seeing a surge of cases is Ahmedabad (19,151), Surat (3,365) and Vadodara (1,898). The mortality rate of the state is the highest in the country – 6.04 percent, though the recovery rate has climbed up to 71.44 percent. The state recorded 563 new cases on June 22nd and 329,343 tests have been carried out in the state so far.


Currently with 7,974 confirmed cases, the state has 1,893 cases with most cases coming in from Patna (451), Madhubani (383) and Bhagalpur (371). The state’s recovery rate is 75.58 percent and mortality rate is 0.68 percent. Till date, the state has conducted 169,401 tests and on June 22nd it recorded 166 new cases. The state has seen an upsurge in cases since migrant workers returned home.  


The state has 5,853 confirmed cases and 2,275 active cases of the virus. The recovery rate of the state is 60.93 percent and the mortality rate is 0.15 percent. On June 22nd, the state recorded 267 new cases of the virus and has conducted over 3 lakh tests. The Indian Express reported that nearly 150 Guwahati residents without any travel history recently tested positive for Covid-19, sparking fears of community-level transmission and leading authorities to consider locking down the city part-wise as well as turning quarantine camps into makeshift Covid-care hospitals. For this, the CM, Sarbananda Sonowal has said that the state is going to employ rigorous measures like implementing lockdowns in containment zones and ramping up testing.


While there are only 660 active cases of the infection in the state, with the highest coming in from East Singhbum (325), Simdega (324) and Ranchi (201), the state recorded 42 new cases of the virus on June 22nd. However, The Telegraph reported that the returning migrant workers top the list of Covid-19 patients in Jharkhand according to official figures. The migrant workers who returned to their homes in Jharkhand accounted for around 84 per cent of the positive cases. There were 1,699 migrant workers among the 2,089 who tested positive for Covid-19.

The five states of Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh account for almost 70 percent of India’s total cases – they account for over 3 lakh of the country’s 4.4 lakh cases, reported Hindustan Times. At the start of June, the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and Assam which had a large number of migrant workers returning saw a spike in cases. While these states were contributing 10.5% of total cases in the country on May 1, this number has since increased to almost 12% by June 8. In fact, only 8% of new cases reported across the country in the week between May 1 and May 7 came from these six states. This number has since doubled to 16% in the week between June 2 and June 8.

However, these rates were coming down as state governments were keeping returning workers in quarantine for a period of 7 to 21 days. The number had also declined due to the fall in the number of migrants returning in the second week of June.


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