Dharm Sansad: Has the woman Hindutva ‘leader’ calling for rape of Muslim women been arrested yet?

New video from hate speech at Chhattisgarh Dharma Sansad goes viral; Kalicharan was the only accused arrested after the event, still no action against the woman leader

Image Courtesy:thewire.in

A video clip now going viral on social media has shown that many more people than the known, who spewed hate at Dharma Sansad, are still roaming free. This clip is from Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh where a saffron-clad woman is purportedly speaking at a ‘Dharam Sansad’. She is heard telling Hindu men to abduct Muslim women and sexually attacking them. According to this woman, such an act will create fear in the minority community and keep them away from Hindu men. She is feeding on the bogey of so-called ‘love jihad’ as the right wing lables mixed religion marriages.

“If any Muslim man laid their eyes on a Hindu girl from today onwards, their women will give birth to Hindu children, without a nikah or pheras,” threatens the woman reportedly identified as Sadhvi Vibhanand Giri, openly glorifying rape and promoting rape culture.

The video is purportedly  from the ‘Dharma Sansad’ held in Raipur on December 26, the same event where Kalicharan aka Kalicharan Maharaj, alias Abhijit Dhananjay Sarag, had made derogatory comments against Mahatma Gandhi, and was arrested. A twitter handle with her name then posted this photo with Chhattisgarh Governor Anusuiya Uikey  on December 27. 

She then calls upon the Hindu youth to also question and attack the women in their own families. And take action against the Hindu women who dare to “run away” with or have a relationship with a Muslims. She tells the Hindu men to create fear even in their own homes, among their own women and the parents of the women they suspect to be in a relationship with a Muslim man. She tells Hindu ‘boys and sons’ to keep track of the women to ensure that they do not fall for Muslim men. “If a Hindu girl runs away with Muslim youth, go after her, bring her back. Beat her up and her parents.”

Kalicharan was arrested for saying, “I salute Nathuram Godse that he killed Gandhi” adding that the “target of Islam is to capture nation through politics.” He asked people to elect a “staunch Hindu king (leader) in the government irrespective of any party (he/she) belongs to…The women of our houses are very good and civilised and they do not go to vote (in election). When there will be gang-rapes then what will happen to women of your houses (families)…(Mahamurkho) Idiots! The target of Islam is to capture nation through politics. In front of our eyes they had captured in 1947 (referring to partition)…They had earlier captured Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. They captured Bangladesh and Pakistan through politics.”

Kalicharan was the only accused arrested in the Chattisgarh Dharma Sansad event and accused of Sedition for using derogatory language against Mahatma Gandhi. However, the woman hate monger, who openly called for rape of Muslim women, and violence against Hindu women and their parents, has not been arrested so far it apears. 


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