Did Delhi police kill a youth from Rajasthan?

Residents of a village allege that a young man was killed when Delhi Police opened fire

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“The police were arresting some people, and putting them in a police car, then they opened fire. My boy (grandson) was standing nearby and got shot. Someone called me after he was shot. He has never done any wrong to anyone… I do not know where he is,” an aged woman is speaking to a local reporter in a shocked state. She does not seem to know why her beloved grandson was killed. The rest of the family is mourning around her. They are grieving the death of 24-year-old Dilshad, a local farmer Fakru’s son. Dilshad who was affectionately called Sadda, was shot and killed, allegedly when a team of ‘Delhi Police opened fire’ in Kherli Nanoo village in Rajasthan, alleged the villagers .

Kherli Nanoo is a small village in Kaman Tehsil in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan, the best way to reach here is by road. The village has perhaps never made it to the headlines in mainstream media, even though it is less than 200 KM  from the state capital Jaipur, or maybe perhaps that is the reason.

Being ‘invisible’ to big media is also the reason why there is no news about the death of 24-year-old Dilshad alias Sadda, a resident of Kherli Nanoo village. On December 17 Dilshad left home to go to the village’s grocery shop in the evening to buy some supplies. That was the last time his family saw him alive.

According to the locals, who spoke to a news channel called Mewat City News, a team of Delhi Police had arrived in two vehicles, in the village that day. Locals alleged that the Policemen started taking some people who were just warming themselves around a small bonfire, into custody. No one seems to know the reason why that was being done.  

Perhaps the cops even rounded up Dilshad who objected to it, and like the others apparently asked ‘why are you arresting me’. The others who had allegedly been made to sit in the police vehicle also started objecting to being ‘arrested’. The crowds gathered there also began questioning the police and protested, and there seems to have been a scuffle, it was then that the locals alleged ‘the Police from Delhi’, started firing randomly, they allege. Dilshad, who was just a bystander near the commotion, is said to have been shot in the right side of his waist. According to a local they were told this was  ‘Police from Delhi’.


Dilshad, was shot in the side by a young man, who had been working and taking care of his family, was injured critically and was rushed to the hospital by the police. However he succumbed to his injuries during treatment. The village is now in mourning the death of this young man, who they say was   innocent, and was just a bystander when he was shot. The locals do not know why the Delhi Police was even there in the village to make arrests. They are now in schock at the firing that they say has now claimed the life of an innocent young man, and thrown his family into mourning.

The villagers have demanded justice for Dilshad and want the Rajasthan government to intervene and investigate the matter. There is no further information available on this case at the moment.



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