Do not be scared, raise your voice against injustice: Dr Umar Khalid

Dr Umar Khalid recorded this video statement just before his arrest on Sunday

A video statement made by activist Dr Umar Khalid just before his arrest by the Delhi Police in connection with the February 2020 violence, was shared by leading activists today at the press conference in New Delhi on Wednesday.

In the video, Dr. Khalid says, “If you are seeing this video, it means I have been arrested. I want to share a message through this video. In the delhi riots, the delhi police investigations are not arrested the rioters who did so openl, incited violence opently. Incited in the presence of police, in front of the TV camera, all of us saw that. forget registering an FIR against them, the delhi police is not even calling them once for questioning. On the other hand, those who are critics of the government , those opposing government policies, especially CAA-NRc, are being implicated under false cases, they [police] do not have any proof. Yet many youngsters, students have been arrested. they have been trying to arrest me for many months too, they keep running false [narratives] statements on TV. first showed 20-30 seconds of my 17 minute speech, and made it go viral calling it a conspiracy to riot. That I called people to come to the streets and protest and demonstrate. but when i uploaded the 17 minute speech where I was talking about non-violence, and the message of Gandhi, not riots and violence. then now they start running  new fake statements against me on TV, forcing people to give false  statements after threatening and scaring them. attempts are being made to arrest and lock up in jail whoever is criticising the government.”

He further says, “What is my fault? is it my fault saying that this country is mine as much as it is yours? Our hindustan, a beautiful country where followers of so many faiths live, people who speak many languages live, so many different people live are all equal before the law and the Constitution. today, attempts are being made to change that. attempts are being made to divide us.and whoever speaks up against this divisive politics is being frightened, harassed, threatened, thrown behind jail, attempts are being made to silence their voices. They are trying to scare us, and they are also trying to scare you alongside. they are trying to silence our voices, arresting us in jail. they are also trying to jail you with lies, to threaten you, silence you. I will end with an appeal: do not be scared, raise your voice against injustice.”

The entire video may be viewed here: 


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