2014 – GUJARAT When Justice Becomes the Victim

When Justice Becomes the Victim

The Quest for Justice After the 2002 Violence in Gujarat
May 2 0 1 4

This report was authored by Stephan Sonnenberg, Clinical Supervising Attorney and Lecturer in Law with the International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic (IHRCRC).  The Stanford IHRCRC is one of ten clinics in the Mills Legal Clinic at Stanford Law School.
The IHRCRC provides direct representation to victims, and partners with communities that have Suffered or face potential abuse, or  human rights advocacy organizations. The IHRCRC seeks to Train Stanford Law students to be effective human rights advocates while simultaneously advancing the Cause of human rights and global justice worldwide.
This report was drafted with the support of several student–‐attorneys in the IHRCRC. The report was prepared in partnership with various human rights lawyers, community activists and non–‐ profit organizations.
IHRCRC’s research was conducted independently of these actors, and IHRCRC is grateful for their advice, And technical assistance. The views expressed in this report are those of the author alone, and do not necessarily  reflect the official policy or position of Stanford University, Stanford Law School, or the Mills Legal Clinic. The clinic wishes to warmly thank the student–‐attorneys who helped compile the data for this report, as well as the Armed Conflict Resolution and People’s Rights Project at UC Berkeley, Prashant: Center for Human Rights, Justice, and Peace, Gujarat, and the Center for Justice and Peace for their  valuable comments during the review and editing process.






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