Doesn’t it prove Modi’s degree is fake, asks Kejriwal after information commissioner ‘punished’

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said that the ‘punishment’ meted out to the information commissioner, Sridhar Acharyulu, showed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s degree was fake.

Modi degree fake

He tweeted, “Doesn’t it prove his degree is fake? Why is he trying to hide his degrees?”


Modi degree

Acharyulu, who had earlier ordered the Delhi University to allow inspection of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s educational qualifications, lost his responsibility for the ministry of HRD.

According to a report by Indian Express, the order issued on Tuesday evening said that all complaints and appeals related to HRD Ministry will now be looked into by another Information Commissioner Manjula Parashar.

Modi’s degree has been an enigma for quite some time. While his party said that the prime minister had passed his BA exams in 1978 from the Delhi University, they failed to produce credible evidence to substantiate their claims.

The Central Information Commission on 8 January had directed Delhi University to allow inspection of records related to all the students who had passed BA degree in 1978, the year in which, according to the University, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also cleared the examination.

The Commission rejected the contention of the Central Public Information Officer of the University that it was a third party personal information, saying it finds “neither merit nor legality” in it.

It directed the university “to facilitate inspection of relevant register where complete information about result of all students who passed in Bachelor of Arts, in year 1978 along with roll number, names of the students, father’s name and marks obtained as available with the University and provide certified copy of the extract of relevant pages from the register, free of cost….”

RTI applicant Neeraj had sought to know from the University the total number of students who appeared in Bachelor of Arts, Year 1978, besides result of all students who appeared in the examination along with their roll number, name of the students with father’s name, marks and result pass or failed.

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