Dr Kafeel detained by UP cops again!

Gorakhpur’s famous ‘hero’ doctor Kafeel Khan, who was victimised and thrown in jail despite saving the lives of many children during the oxygen shortage at the BRD Medical College, is in the state’s crosshairs once again. Dr Kafeel who was all set to expose the UP state government for allegedly covering-up an Encephalitis outbreak was taken into custody while visiting a hospital in Bahraich. 

Speaking to Sabrang India, his older brother Adeel Khan said, “Dr Kafeel is convinced that the numerous deaths in the last few days in UP are due to Encephalitis and not some ‘mysterious fever’ as the government is claiming. He had gone to Sadar Hospital in Bahraich to speak with the families of patients and gather more information about their symptoms.” According to Adeel, even as Dr. Khan was speaking to these family members, the City Magistrate and two Circle Officers arrived at the spot and took him into custody.
In this video Dr Khan can be seen telling them that he is not here to conduct a press conference, he just wants to speak to the families.

In this Dr Khan can be seen being forced into a police vehicle despite agreeing to accompany the police in his own vehicle.


“They were very rude to Dr Kafeel and they have taken him to some unknown location. I am currently at the SSP’s office trying to find out where they have taken my brother,” said Adeel when we spoke to him at about 7:30pm.
Over 84 people have succumbed to what the UP administration is describing as a “mystery fever” so far. Cases have been reported from across 6 districts namely Bahraich, Sitapur, Hardoi, Shahjahanpur, Bareily and Badaun. 70 children have died at the Bahraich district hospital over the last 45 days. Though the Adityanath administration has placed the state on high alert, there is no formal acknowledgment of Encephalitis being the cause of death, though malaria has been mentioned by many officials. 

When we spoke to Sabha Raj, Superintendent of Police Bahraich at about 8:30 pm he confirmed Dr Kafeels arrest but said that he had been released. “We had arrested him under section 151 of the PC. The police was informed that he had come to the hospital and was disturbing patients. But we have now released him. He is on his way back home,” said Sabha Raj. 
But Adeel Khan disputed the claim saying that when he requested to speak with Dr Kafeel the police said that was not possible as he was travelling. “I called his phone and no one is answering. I asked to speak to him by calling on the number of the driver, but the police did not give me any number or any other way to ensure my brother’s well being,” said Adeel. He also added, “At first they said Dr Khan is on his way to Gorakhpur and would probably reach before me, but now they say he will reach by tomorrow morning. How is that possible when the distance between the two cities can be covered in just about 3 hours?” When this reporter called Dr Kafeel’s number at 8:5o pm, the automated message said, “The number you are calling is either switched off or not available at this time.”
We will keep updating this story when we have more information.



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