Dr. Kafeel Khan accuses BJP MP of masterminding his brother’s attack

He wants the case to be investigated by an independent agency headed by high court judges as he doesn’t believe that UP police will do anything since no motive has been found, no arrests have been made and no action has been taken since the incident a week back. 

Lucknow: Dr. Kafeel Khan has accused Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Bansgaon, Kamlesh Paswan and his three associates for the June 10 attack on his brother Kashif Jameel where he was shot three times. He discussed more details about how he came to this conclusion at a press conference on Sunday.
Dr. Khan claimed that Paswan and his accomplices Satish Nangalia, owner of Gorakhpur’s Baldev plaza, people named Numan and Nikhat Ara had conspired together to attack Kashif. He also said that his brother has named these four people in his statement to the police on Saturday. “The family has claimed that the conspirators want to usurp its 50,000 square feet property in Rustampur, Gorakhpur and that a similar attempt was made earlier in February after which an FIR was also lodged,” reported Times Of India.
Dr. Khan said that he wants the case to be investigated by an independent agency like the CBI and headed by high court judges. “We don’t want this case to be investigated by UP police because it is complicit. The police have not yet found any motive for the attack. It was promised that the culprits will be nabbed within 48 hours. It has been a week now but no action has been taken yet, no arrests have been made yet,” he said at the press conference. Sabrang India had reported how the police wasted crucial hours in getting Kashif treatment after he was shot.
What the BJP MP had to say
Paswan denied all allegations at a separate press conference on the same day. He said that he would file a defamation case against Dr. Khan and doesn’t mind being investigated by any authority.
“Speaking to reporters in Gorakhpur, Paswan said that Dr. Khan is trying to hog the limelight after getting a letter from Rahul Gandhi in his support. He also denied the allegation that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was present in his math which is 500m away from the site where Dr. Khan’s brother was shot. “He has also said Yogiji and I are not on good terms. This is absolutely absurd. He himself had gone to the hospital after getting injured but had not taken my name before the police then. After five days, he is taking my name, which is ridiculous,” Paswan said,” reported Indian Express.
In the report by TOI, Paswan said, “Dr. Khan has a long history. He is already accused in BRD medical college case in which many children had died and was in jail for eight months. Earlier also he was lodged in Tihar jail and was booked for impersonation in an examination. He is also accused in a rape case. Kashif and his brothers have encroached upon more than a dozen plots of land.” 

Dr. Khan said in the same report that, “The rape case Paswan is talking about was a false allegation due to a business rivalry and the same was accepted in the police’s final report in April 2017. I was in Tihar jail for about 10-15 days in 2009 which was also a misunderstanding and has ended.” Dr. Khan said, “Kashif was not involved in that case, but my cousin Asad Ullah Warsi was attacked by these same people then too.”
The Indian Express reported, “Alleging that Kashif and his brothers are accused in over a dozen cases of land-grabbing, Paswan said, “In the past, Kashif had himself shot at his leg and tried to frame a 55-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman in a case. He is in the land business and is an accused in many cases. He had fraudulently taken a huge loan from the Punjab National Bank in the name of two persons — Shadab and Yusuf — and did not repay it. The bank has served a notice,” Paswan said.”
“Jameel, who is a property dealer, has two criminal cases pending against him, including that of forgery. The police had suspected the attack was a fallout of property dispute. However, Khan believed it had more to do with the ‘false cases’ filed against him. Khan had released a statement hours after his brother was attacked, alleging “I always said they would try to kill us,” The India Express reported stated.
Dr. Kafeel Khan was in charge of the paediatrics wing at BRD Medical when the tragedy occurred and about 66 children died due to lack of oxygen. He was removed and arrested on charges of negligence and was granted bail by the Allahabad court this April.



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