EC Notice to Defence Minister Mohan Parrikar for Remarks Condoning Bribes for Vote Lets Him Off with Warning

“You Vote by taking 2,000/- (Rs Two thousand) from someone. It is ok. Someone will hold a rally. There is no objection if someone roams there with Rs. 500/- (Five Hundred)But you shall keep in mind that the votes comes to LOTUS only.”

Manohar Parrikar
Is this an objectionable remark? Does it befit a minister in a Constitutonal position? No, says the Election Commission and ‘serves a notice’ on Manohar Parikkar, asking him to be ‘more circumspect in future’
The notice served on February 16 may be read here.
The EC had first served a notice to the Minister on February 1. Parikkar had replied through his lawyer saying that the EC’s Transcript of the Speech in Konkani was not correct and demanded that a three member committee view it. This was also done after which the EC, once again re-iterated it’s conclusion.
Here we have a Minister condoning bribery in the election process. And he has been let off with a ‘warning.’



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