Election Watch Chhattisgarh: Only Urban Naxals find mention in Modi’s public speech

A fine-toothed comb through Modi’s public speech at Jagdalpur reveals the hypocrisy of the state government and how far from ground realities the PM is.

Jagdalpur: PM Modi and Amit Shah are touring Chattisgarh and why is it so that the country’s PM always talks like a party leader? To provide publicity for his party in the first phase of the state assembly elections, PM Modi participated in a public general meeting. In his whole speech, he never once said anything of importance with regards to the issues of the state. He kept shooting barbs at Congress and every other institution that questions his governance. While talking about Urban Naxals, he said that the elite intellectuals that reside in big cities and clean, airconditioned homes held the remote control of Maoists. He said that Congress supports Maoists and thus they should be removed from the state. He didn’t say a single sentence on why his govt that ruled the state for 15 years has failed to provide basic facilities to the resident Adivasis. Let’s agree that they don’t have the heart to discuss their failures, at least he could have discussed the work plans to bring ‘Vikas’ in the villages where development has not reached. But it would be unfair to say that his speech was only about self-aggrandization.
Does the PM not know such a simple thing? 
For some time now, we are seeing the unlimited arrogance of BJP and RSS leaders. They don’t seem to respect or accept any rules, regulations, the constitution or the law. In the last few days, an RSS leader had the gall to give advice to the SC court during a press conference. It is not possible to recount the number of such instance by these people and PM Modi’s speech at Jagdalpur was in a similar vein.
This TV channel which reports from the lap of the government had made ‘Urban Naxal’ a trend and ran a show against senior lawyer Sudha Bharadwaj. After which, more than 10 activists including her were arrested from across the country. These activists work in the social sphere for the poor, neglected, exploited, Dalits, Adivasis and more. Ever since the show, the govt has gone berserk using the term ‘Urban Naxal’ and Maoists for those arrested. The TV channels and media which supports this government started singing paeans of Urban Naxalism and Maoism. The cases against these activists are subjudice and none of the allegations levelled against the activists by the police have been proven. Till the time a crime has not been proven, the accused cannot be considered guilty. Does the PM of this country not know such a simple thing? Or is he deliberately using the name calling trend?
What does the govt want to hide by screaming about Urban Naxals? 
Raman Singhs government in Chattisgarh has failed in doing any good for the masses or bringing development to the state in the last 15 years. In the last 15 years that the BJP has ruled this state, the incidents of corporate loot, killing Adivasis in fake encounters, security forces and soldiers raping Adivasi women, the arrest of reporters who question the govt’s policy, threats and intimidation of social activists through security forces on the behest of the govt, have only increased.

A day before the PM’s visit, Sabrang India had reported how development has not reached some villages in the state and had discussed this village where nobody knows who Modi is and who CM Raman Singh is. They did not know who their own MLA or MP was. These are the areas where there are no roads, no drinking water or water pipelines and no electricity. Is the govt trying to hide these failures by calling all and the sundry Urban Naxals?
The PM should have discussed this before asking for votes 
Being a responsible minister and the PM, Narendra Modi should have spoken about these issues in his election speech. Before asking for votes, he should have asked when will the Adivasi residents of this heavenly state live free from the fear of death.
Why is there no information on the 30,000 girls that have gone missing from Bastar? Who is responsible for this? How is the govt going to catch the criminals? Will the girls come back by the govt slamming the opposition? In a region like Bastar, where 1.5 lakh security force personnel are deployed and one needs to cross 10 checkpoints before going to any village, more than 30,000 girls become the victims of human trafficking in the last 15 years and the police have no clue? Shouldn’t the PM be concerned by this information? Can this failure be hidden under the Urbal Naxal jingoism?
The PM said that the people of Chattisgarh are aware and can identify conspiracies when they see one. Perhaps he doesn’t know that when the people become wise, they not only understand conspiracies but also empty rhetorics.
Although it is wrong for the media to slam baseless allegations on people and call them Naxal and Maoists, the PM of India should use dignified language. The responsibilities of a PM increase when he assumes the role. If he continues to give speeches like the chief a party, it is a loss for democracy.
Issues disappear in popular speeches 
During the Friday’s public meeting, PM Modi used the ‘Urban Naxal’ issue for electoral gains. He used his usual famed oratory but kept silent on development issues. Maybe he didn’t find anything to say about ‘Vikas.’ Someone who called Demonetisation a historic step was silent about it a day after its second anniversary. Then Modi made some great promises that feel good when you hear them (Some time ago, Former BJP president Nitin Gadkari had said that BJP did not expect to win in 2014 and leaders were ordered to make tall promises.) Was PM Modi using the same tricks for Chattisgarh elections? That we will see when we win, right now let’s just exaggerate?
The PM said that conditions in Bastar were worse during Madhya Pradesh’s time. It is a well-known fact that Maoism has increased greatly in Bastar in the last 15 years.
He also said that Congress didn’t help development issues in the state during their rule at the centre for 10 years. It is impossible to believe that a central government would not give any funds to a state for 10 years.
He said that every corner of Chattisgarh is synonymous with development. If he would have read the newspapers, he would know that there are many such corners that have not even seen the face of development.
He said that who would have thought that Jagdalpur would have an airport. Well, people were expecting a school, a hospital, a playground, a university but they got an airport. How does an airport and aeroplanes help the Adivasis of Jagdalpur? They are struggling to survive in this region, how can they raise money for air travel? Even if by some stroke of luck, they are forced to sit in a plane, where will they go?
He said that he would bring the oppressed and exploited Adivasis to the mainstream and give them an equal platform, but didn’t say how he would execute this promise. Right before the World Adivasi Day, the force killed 15 Adivasis and said that they were Naxals. The govt rewarded them. It was then revealed that the encounter was fake and the people they had branded Naxals were innocent oppressed and exploited Adivasis. Is this how plans to bring equality?
He said that democracy is the solution to this problem. Conversations and discussions can bring change. Bombs and guns are not the solutions. We should walk on the path of peace. When the PM understands these things, why doesn’t he take any punitive actions against police officers like Kalluri and Garg who are known to order massacres openly? Kalluri keeps saying that the gun is the only solution, on many TV news channels. He even says that he follows the orders given to him by the government.
It is clear that the democratic approach the PM talks about to resolve the Maoist issues, has already been rejected by the ruling state BJP govt.
There is a hope that one day we will hear the country’s PM from Narendra Modi’s mouth, who will talk about the issues of the country. Someone who will not wax eloquent about his party and show others down.



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