Engineers and post-grads in UP jails: Doesn’t education prevent crime? 

The NCRB data of 2019 reports that the state's prisons have the maximum number of post-graduates and degree holders in the country.

Engineers and post-grads in UP jails

Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of post-graduates and engineers albeit in its prisons, said the 2019 Prison Statistics report of the National Crime Records Bureau published on September 1, 2020.

According to the report, as of December 31, 2019 as many as 604 people in Uttar Pradesh are convicts with a postgraduate degree out of 2,465 similar such people in all of India. The state is followed by Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Moreover, 1,964 convicts in Uttar Pradesh had a graduation degree out of 8,874 all over India. This number was followed by Madhya Pradesh – 1,173 inmates.

Regarding under-trial prisoners, Uttar Pradesh reported 2,010 post graduates out of the national total of 5,546 prisoners. As many as 6,144 others were graduates out of 21,042 prisoners nationwide.

When considering technical degree holders, 727 inmates in Uttar Pradesh had such a degree out of 3,879 inmates across the country, followed by Maharashtra with 495 inmates and Karnataka with 362 prisoners.

Director General of prisons Anand Kumar told Times of India in a report that a large number of people with technical degrees are either convicted of or are facing charges of dowry deaths or rape! Some of them are also convicted for economic offences.

Moreover, he said inmates with engineering or technical degrees helped upgrade technology in jails. Many engineers developed e-prison modules in jails. Other prisoners helped in making the jails inventory system. Kumar said they also helped in setting up jail radios. Some prisoners are involved in the 3-literacy programmes in the jail.

As per the report, among the 4,78,600 prisoners, literacy profile of 1,98,872 or 41.6 percent prisoners was below Class 10. As many as 1,03,036 or 21.5 percent prisoners were educated above Class 10 but below graduation. 30,201 (6.3 percent) prisoners held a degree. 8,085 (1.7 percent) prisoners were post graduates. 5,677 (1.2 percent) prisoners were Technical Diploma/Degree holders. A total of 1,32,729 (27.7%) prisoners were Illiterate.

The entire report may be viewed here 


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