EXCLUSIVE: Ratan Chandra Biswas battles for Life, Handcuffed in Hospital after 2.5 years in Detention Camp: Assam

Illegally framed as a “foreigner”, Ratan Chandra Biswas, is handcuffed in the Goalpara hospital Civil Hospital, battling for his life. Emaciated and shivering, his condition is bitter testimony to the ghastly conditions in Assam ‘s six detention camps, where over 2,000 persons are estimated to be incarcerated 

Handcuff man
Guwahati, November 4: Ratan Chandra Biswas, framed as a “foreigner” by a farce of a hearing a Foreigner’s Tribunal and dumpedvinsude a Detention Camp is today struggling for life in a hospital. Pathetically he has been chained to the bed with handcuffs, exposing gross han rights violations within detention camps. 
Images of this trembling and emaciated Survivor of Assam’s ongoing humanitarian crisis has evinced a strong reaction in Assam. 
Ratan Chandra Biswas, son of Ananda Chandra Biswas is a Dalit Bengali Hindu. He received a Doubtful Foreigners notice about two years and eight months back. A resident of Gerukabari Village under Manikpur Police Station of Bongaigaon District, he panicked. This is the plight of thousands who are serVed these notices, capricious as they follow no due process at all.
After receiving this Doubtful Foreigners notice, he had, through a ‘middle man’ communicated  to the local Police Station. He paid Rs 500 for the favour, anxious to get to the bottom of the obviously false allegation. There was no help or clarity forthcoming  and after three months he was arrested and sent to the Goalpara Detention Camp. 
At the time of detention, hebhad no.health complaints. His condition however started deteriorating soon after detention. Finally after prolonged illnesses he was admitted to the Goalpara Civil Hospital. He was handcuffed through his treatment. 
A shivering and traumatised Ratan Chandra Biswas said, on video, to Sabrang India, ‘I have studied up to class six. My grandfather’s name is in the 1966 Voters list. There is a small peace of land in my father’s name. Though I am an Indian Citizen, I have been forced inside a detention camp for the last 2 years and five months.’
This is the very latest visible and concrete story of the horrific conditions prevakent inside Assam’s detention camps.
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