Farmers lost Rs. 18 crore on Moong sales: MSP Loot Calculator

Along with disparities in a single crop, farmers considered losses incurred in a single day that amounted to around 15 crores.

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Moong farmers lost Rs. 18 crore in the first 23 days of March 2021, owing to the difference between market price and Minimum Support Price (MSP), as per the MSP Loot Calculator.

According to the Jai Kisan Andolan (JKA), the government had set MSP for moong at Rs. 7,196 per quintal. However, all mandis bought the crop from farmers at an average price of Rs. 6,418 per quintal. Thus, the farmer suffered a loss of Rs. 778 per quintal.

In the entire kharif season, farmers so far lost Rs. 256 crores in the moong crop. Rajasthan farmers suffered the most with a loot Rs. 7 crores because of a market price of Rs. 6,327 per quintal. They were closely followed by Madhya Pradesh farmers who lost Rs. 6 crores and Uttar Pradesh farmers who were robbed of Rs. 97 lakhs.


The MSP Loot Calculator has earlier revealed similar hard-hitting data about crop prices as well. On March 22, farmers revealed that they lost Rs. 15 crores in the single day due to disparities in market prices and MSP.

The calculator considered nine major crops such as wheat, Bengal gram, maize, paddy, bajra, jowar, green gram, ragi and safflower to reveal market activity in mandis in a single day. Figures showed that only two percent of farmers’ millet crops were sold at MSP.


However, gram (chana) crop farmers suffered the most among all farmers. On Monday, farmers lost over Rs. 8 crores in the sale of 1,88,615 quintal chana that arrived across all mandis. Only 1,79,998 quintal chana were sold. The crop’s MSP is Rs. 5,100 per quintal but farmers received an average of Rs. 4,622 per quintal. Only five percent of the total crop was bought at MSP.

“The truth of the government’s claims about MSP is now coming in front of the country. The government has neither policy nor intention to buy all farmers’ crops at MSP. In most areas, people don’t even know about such a thing as MSP. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has fooled farmers in the name of MSP,” said JKA Founder and Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) leader Yogendra Yadav.

Same as chana, ragi farmers were looted by Rs. 14 lakh and safflower farmers lost Rs. 13 lakh in just a single day. Further, only 15 percent of the wheat crop was sold at MSP costing farmers around Rs. 3 crore.


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