Farmers’ March: Police threatens protesters with cancellation of passports and visas

As the farmers' protestors seek to decide whether they will continue the march to Delhi, the Haryana police has stated that they will cancel the passport and visa provisions for some of the specific protestors.
Image: ABP

The Haryana Police requested the annulment of passports and visas for people who are suspected of violence during the ongoing farmers’ ‘Dilli Chalo’ march at the Punjab-Haryana border. Farmers hailing from Punjab are slated to decide whether they will resume their march and move towards Delhi on February 29. They had earlier decided to halt their march to the national capital.

According to DSP Ambala, Joginder Sharma who told the media in a video statement released by ANI, the process of identifying the people has been started. The authorities have said that they have used the surveillance capabilities of CCTV and drone cameras and have successfully identified the people whose passports they hope to have cancelled. The police will now approach the Ministry and embassy and request for the cancellation of visas and passports for these people. Various details such as photographs, names, and addresses of the identified people will be submitted to the passport office.

According to the Indian Express, a police officer has told the newspaper that all people who are participating in the farmer agitation will have their passports cancelled; only a few who are involved in the unrest will. The source told the newspaper that different action is being taken against those described as ‘rowdies’ who travelled from Punjab to Haryana during the course of the farmer agitation. The DSP further stated there are numerous photos that have recorded instances of vandalism and disruptions and these are the individuals who will be targeted.

In other news, the report has revealed that leaders of Haryana farmer unions have told that the state police has fixed notices to their residences which informs them that the state intends to ‘recover’ damages to public and private properties that took place during the agitation, the notices also say that they will sod by seizing the farmers’ assets and freezing their bank accounts.

Since February 13, farmers from Punjab have been protesting at established camps at the Khanauri and Shambhu points along the Punjab-Haryana border. One 24 year old young farmer named Shubh Karan Singh was grievously injured and later succumbed to his injuries. Reports assert that he died in police firing.



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