Farmers reject government’s repackaged old amendment proposal

Denouncing the so-called “new” offer of the central government, farmers call for sit-ins at district level

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government dressed up and offered a formerly rejected amendment proposal to farmers’ leaders on December 9, 2020. The much-enraged farmers once again rejected the proposal and demanded the withdrawal of the three anti-farmer-dubbed laws.



A summary review of the proposal by farmers showed that the central government assured continuation of the Minimum Support Price (MSP) system while imposing tax fees on private companies. Private traders would be asked to register themselves and contracts between a farmer and a company will be registered within 30 days. Further, the contract will state that the farmer cannot loan or pledge the land or building. Similarly, the proposal recommended a farmers’ tribunal or a fast track court.

The current laws bar farmers from approaching civil courts for dispute resolution. Instead they can only approach Sub-District Magistrates for contract disputes who lack the expertise to understand farmers’ situation. This clause effectively undercuts the authority of the judiciary!

According to Kisan Sangharsh Samiti President Dr. Sunilam, “This is an old proposal that does not benefit farmers. It is well known that MSP is not available for the 23 declared agricultural products, let alone far from all agricultural products. There has been talk of improvement in the mandi committees but what reforms will be done? There is no mention of what will happen to the reform farmers want. Private companies have always had to register and regarding farmers approaching courts, the Indian Constitution states that no citizen can be prevented from going to court.”

During a press conference at Singhu border, farmers declared that two major highways, the Delhi-Agra highway and the Delhi-Jaipur highway will be closed by December 12. Similarly, Saturday, toll plazas will be freed to allow an influx of more farmers in the city.

“This is a united decision by all farmers present in Delhi. We will hold demonstrations every day and Adani and Ambani malls will be closed down as well. We will also boycott all Reliance Jio products. from here on out,” said farmer leader Prahalad Singh Bharukheda.

In addition to the Saturday protests, leaders have also sent out a call for nationwide demonstrations outside offices of district magistrates in all states. Similarly, states near Delhi have been called on for a ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest. Southern and similar states shall continue protests even after Monday’s protest.

Angered by the central government’s disrespectful behaviour, leaders have also stated that farmers will hold demonstrations outside houses of BJP leaders.

Meanwhile, the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) plans to launch a nationwide campaign  titled Sarkaar ki Asli Majboori – Adani, Ambani, Jamakhori to expose the central government. They called upon farmers organisations to organise continuous sit-ins in all districts and state capitals, jointly with other supporting organisations at public places.

Dr. Sunilam told all Indian farmers to start an indefinite peasant maha panchayat at all possible levels of administration. “Sit at village chaupals, squares and inform farmers about issues like mandi system, MSP system, food security system, employment crisis due to the end of agriculture,” he said.

While farmers talked to the media at Singhu border, Opposition leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, Sharad Pawar, Sitaram Yechury, met President Ram Nath Kovind to advise the withdrawal of farm laws.


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