Fear mongering and misinformation galore at the Digital Hindu Conclave

A supposed journalist claimed without any basis that certain political parties were purposefully changing demography in some areas by citing population figures.

At the Digital Hindu Conclave held in indore on May 27, speakers like Pardeep Bhandari, journalist and founder of Jan ki Baat and former Delhi MLA Kapil Mishra peddled fear and false information through their speeches.

Kapil Mishra said, “These people are distributing pamphlets of saffron love Trap in Indore. They are creating a fuss over who the burqa clad woman should go with.  This will not be tolerated in India. Whether she wants to go with a Hindu, Sikh, Christian and she is a major and is in love with that man then no Qazi/Mulla can stop her. This message should go out. They are doing this to hide the truth which is shown in ‘The Kerala Story’.”

Basically, he was promoting freedom of choice among Muslim women to go and marry men from other religions but the same could not be said about Hindu girls marrying into other religions.

He said that the movie shows the reality, it shows how girls are duped, blackmailed and subjected to substance abuse and then converted then they are sent for terror activities. He said they want to peddle lies about saffron love trap.

Pardeep Bhandari said, “In 2014 majority of the population wanted change and development but there was a significant minority that did not vote for change. Why? Why is it that for a Hindu voter development is very important but for the minority development is not the parameter. For that significant minority why is it that religion is such a big factor for them while voting. I will prove it. Looking at the demography one can tell that it is changing. In West Bengal, Muslim share of total demography is the same as it was in 1941. In 1941 Bengal’s Muslim population was 29.48% in 1951 it dropped down to 19.46% and after it kept increasing in 2011 it went to 27.01% and today it is more than 30%. Now I have an issue that places where  the demography of India is changing, or being changed purposely by secular politicians for their vote bank, their chances of Hindus winning a seat are decreasing. The fact is that in Hindu majority areas if a Muslim candidate is fielded, one who has done good work, he can get votes. We have seen in Karnataka that Muslims consolidated and voted for one party. Where Muslims are 30% why is the person who talks about good for Hindus is not voted to power. This is blatantly communal in nature.”

He questioned that in Muslim majority areas do Hindus have freedom of speech, can Hindu girls roam about safely? Why do they live in fear?

“In Bengal, Constables were recruited a while ago, 90% belonged to Muslim community. Why is it that the demography of some areas is being changed? Until the 2000s Jharkhand tribal population was 35% now it has gone down to 24%. Why?  Because Muslim population has increased which was 15% in 1990 in Santhal area and today it is 27%. Speaking of Bihar, in Seemanchal in 2001, Hindus were more than 50% in 2011 the same dropped to 31% and Muslim population was 68%. The problem is, chances of Hindu candidates getting elected in such areas is negligible. Their chances of availing minority rights are negligible. Will you be able to freely walk around wearing a teeka in these areas? Chances are very low. My issue is not that demography is changing, it is that disproportionately the demography is changing, and this will have long term implications on the destiny of India and we are not realising this just yet.”



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