Following Pragya Thakur’s example, Sadhvi Aastha Maa justifies keeping weapons/knife at home

Shah Rukh Khan is the target of yet another Hindutva scam that incites hatred before the release of Pathaan

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As the movie Pathaan nears its release, the Saffron gang continue with their communal diatribe against actor Shah Rukh Khan. For context, a song ‘Besharam Rang’ did not sit right with the extremist Hindutva Group, as actress Deepika could be seen dancing in an orange outfit. Since the release of that song, Saffron gangs have demanded for the boycott of the film Pathaan. Now, videos of Aastha Maa have started doing the rounds on social media. The Sadhvi has now entered the Hindutva arena to gain her fifteen seconds of fame by giving an Islamophobic and instigating speech against Shah Rukh Khan.

A video of the new Sadhvi surfaced on the internet, where she can be heard saying “kkk Kiran…Gggg Gauri”, the name of Shah Rukh Khan’s wife. Then she continues with making some hilarious claims and said “movie nahi chali, bola tha na, panga mat lo Sanatamiyon se (your movie did not work, I told you to not mess with the saints).” It is strange that she makes the above-mentioned statement as the movie is yet to be released. The Sadhvi then goes on to make another strange reference and says, “arre tu Kulfi choos, kuch bhi choos, humme kya matlab usse. Humme kyu dikha rahi hai ki yeh bhagwi kulfi hai, yeh bhagwa sabun hai- humme nahi pasand toh nahi pasand. (you suck a kulfi, you suck anything, why are you showing it to us? Why are you showing that it’s a saffron kulfi or it’s a saffron soap – if we don’t like something, we won’t like it).” It is unclear to whom this Sadhvi is making the reference to.

Then she refers to Shah Rukh Khan and says, “Arre sunn jihadi, tujhe jadh se ukhaad kar fenk diya gaya hai (Listen, jihadi, you have been uprooted from your roots)” she then asks her interviewer, “Gauri kon hai? Hindu hai ya Muslim? (who is Gauri, a Hindu or a Muslim?)”, to which the interviewer says that she was a Hindu. Hearing this, the Sadhvi goes on to say, “toh Love Jihad kiya na usne? Shah Rukh Khan love jihadi hai, bohot bada wala love Jihadi hai. (Then he committed the act of Love Jihad. Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) is a big love jihadi.)” It is pertinent to note that according to this Sadhvi, since Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri had an inter faith marriage, SRK is guilty of committing “Love-Jihad”, a bogus term coined by the Right-winged Hindutva group. It is also scary to see the impunity with which this Sadhvi has used the accusation of “love Jihad” against a beloved actor in this video. 

She then continues to say “Jo khata yahan ka hai gaata Pakistan ka hai. Toh mai kehna chahti hu ki jo gaata Pakistan ka hai na, toh yaha se apni tingra tokri uthao aur Pakistan ki aur nikal jao (The one who eats here, while sings from Pakistan. So I want to say that if you belong to Pakistan, then lift your “tingra topi” from here and go towards Pakistan.)” “Toh mai toh napunsan hu, jo apni bezatti sehan kar lungi. 4 chaante baja kar jo mere Sanatan ki aur dekhega, Shah Rukh Khan ko bhi (I am not impotent, that I will bear all this. I will give 4 slaps to anyone who looks at my Dharma, even to Shah Rukh Khan)” 

As the Sadhvi goes on to instigate violence, the interviewer reminds her that she is a saint and she should not say all of this, to which she says “Mai Sadhvi hu toh kya hua mai desh ki rakshak hu, maine bhagwan pehna hai mai desh se prem karti hu (I might be a saint but I am the protector of this country. I am wearing saffron, and so I love the country.” it is evident that the Sadhvi in this video has self-appointed herself as the protector of the nation, and her chosen method for extending such protection is by wearing saffron colored clothes and spreading hatred against Muslim people. 

She then chants the religiously motivated slogan “Jai Shree Ram.” When she is prompted by the interviewer to say Shah Rukh Khan Zindabad, she repeatedly says, “Shah Rukh Khan Murdabad (Death to Shah Rukh Khan)”

The first video can be seen here: 

Another uncut video of the same interview was then found by the CJP Team after going through the twitter account of this Sadhvi. Apparently, Sadhvi Aasthma Maa had herself posted a different video of the same interview, which was a part of Jantar Mantar Hindu Mahakumb. In this video, she makes statements similar to that of notorious hate offender Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, and can be heard saying, “apni suraksha ke liye hathiyar ghar mei rakhna bohot zaruri hai. Aaj mere ghar mei koi mujhe maarne ke liye aa jae, toh mere ghar par sabzi kaatne wala chaaku bhi na mile toh laanat hai mere upar (It is important to keep weapons at home for your safety. Today, if someone comes to my house to kill me, then if I do not even find a vegetable cutting knife at my house, then shame on me.)”

The interviewer then asks if she is repeating what Pragya Thakur had said, then Aasthma Maa says that “haan toh unhone kuch galat nahi kaha. Mai toh ab bhi keh rahi hu, aapke channel ke madhyam se keh rahi hu, ki sabhi ko apne ghar mei hathiyar rakhne chahie apni suraksha ke liye (Yes, she didn’t say anything wrong. I am still saying, through your channel, that everyone should keep weapons in their house for their own safety.)” She then defends her statement by saying “Modi ji kya ghar ghar jaenge? Mai logo ke ghar ghar jaa kar bachaugi? (Will Modi ji go door to door? Will I go home and save people?)”

This self-appointed Hindu fundamentalist then says “Aastha Maa kya jo duniya bhar mei bachiyon ki suraksha karti hai who ghar ghar jaegi? Nahi. Aastha maa sabko bataegi ki sabko apni suraksha khud karni chahie. (Do you think that Aastha Maa, who protects children around the world, will go from house to house? No, she will tell everyone that everyone should protect themselves.)

She then went on to re-iterate the importance of keeping weapons at home, in today’s time, once again while saying that she has no government party backing her up. 

The interview then approached the topic of Shah Rukh Khan, the video which has been referred to above. The interview, wanting to get a rise out of her, first makes a comment about her being a fan of Shah Rukh Khan and then says that Modi ji is a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, to which Sadhvi angrily replies that “koi bhi Sanatam Dharam ka banda nahi hai fan (No one who is a saint can be a fan of his)”

This video can be viewed here: 

A brief dive into the twitter account of Sadhvi Aastha Maa, whose real name is Sangeeta, shows that spreading hatred against the religious minorities only is her current occupation. She has been religiously posting Islamophobic, misleading and saffron romanticising content on her twitter profile in order to get her ticket to fame. Every communal issue since 2022 has had a post by her. Even the issue of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has been misused by the Sadhvi again and again for gaining clout and Hindu sympathy. While the investigation in Sushant’s case is still underway, Sadhvi Aastha Maa has her own conclusion in the said case that the suicide of SSR was actually murder. Glancing through her profiles, pictures of Sadhvi Aasthma Maa could be found with other notorious hate speakers, who indulge in spreading hatred against Muslims and Christians, such as Yati Narsinghanand and Mahant Acharya.

She has even put up posts with another notorious hate speaker, Sadhvi Prachi and has posted pictures with her. In one such post, a picture of her and Sadhvi Prachi with a Talwar in hand can be seen. 

In another post of hers, a video of her speaking at a theatre after the Kashmir Files had just played has also been posted by her. In the said video, she can be heard saying “koi bhaichara koi saath kuch nahi rehta yaha par. Humme kaafi samjha jata hai apne hi Bharat desh mei (There is no brotherhood here. We are considered very much in our own country).” After the release of Kashmir Files, the issue of Kashmir exodus was promoted and spoken about to push the propaganda of creating a communal divide. Sadhvi Aastha Maa, a part of the extremist Hindu groups, also encouraged that same exclusionary policy and used this film as a means to push her agenda and gain a following.

The video can be viewed here: 

A deeper dive into the twitter profile of Aastha Maa also revealed that she was a part of the Dharam Sansad that had taken place in 2019. On December 19-21, incendiary statements calling for the arming of Hindus and the killing of Muslims were made at a similar Dharm Sansad in Haridwar. A case is also subjudice on the hate speech given at this event. As evident from the post, Sadhvi Aastha Maa had also attended the said event, though no videos are available showcasing her participation or her speech, if given.

Aastha Maa’s profile can be viewed here: (5) आस्था मां हिंदुस्तान की शेरनी (@aasthamaa) / Twitter


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