From a former CM to a symbol of Adivasi resistance: Hemant Soren’s statement in Jharkand Assembly

Between February 1 when former CM, Hemant Soren was was arrested and Monday, February 5 when the floor test on the floor of the Jharkand state assembly re-established the Champai Soren government firmly in saddle, Soren has acquired a cult following on social media, with Monday’s speech in the state assembly going viral multiple times over

Rarely is it that any state from the east of India’s map, leave alone Adivasi-dominated Jharkand dominate the news pages in a narrative clearly set from Ranchi, the capital. On February 1, 2024, four days back after a two day drama that (once again) had the controversial Enforcement Directorate (ED) commandeering headlines, Soren emerged on the front foot as he resigned apprehending arrest, the state’s elected MLAs elected Champai Soren in his place. Television anchor Sudhir Choudhary viewed as a close ally of the present regime was flayed by Adivasi (Tribal activists) for his racial slurs against the arrested former chief minister (February 2). Thereafter, after some delay, the Governor, CP Radhakrishnan (unexpectedly) swore in the incumbent Champai Soren, last week.

Drama continued over the past few days, after the Supreme Court refused to entertain an Article 32 petition against what has been described as an unsubstantiated notice, unlawful summons and mala fide arrest, Soren approached the High Court.

Given the track record of the aggressive ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), speculations had begun circulating of whether the Jharkand Mukti Morcha (JMM) and its allies (Indian National Congress and CPI-M) would pass the floor test scheduled today, Monday, February 5. Not only did the Jharkhand government, headed by chief minister Champai Soren on Monday successfully secure a vote of confidence in the state Assembly with the coalition government achieved a 47:29 majority during the floor test.

Former CM Hemant Soren thereafter took social media by storm with his speech made on the floor of the Assembly. (Despite all efforts by the ED, the former chief minister participated today in the special session of the Jharkhand State Legislative Assembly today and voted in the floor test for the government of CM Champai Soren, as permitted by the special court in Jharkhand on February 3).

Hemant Soren’s speech:

“Jharkhand Speaker, Sir, this is a state of the country where countless soldiers from tribal and Dalit backward classes have sacrificed their lives to save the lives of the Tribals and Dalits here. These people did not even dream of independence for the country.

Mr. Speaker, since then the Tribals (Adivasis) of Jharkhand have been fighting for their rights. ‘They’ came in much later but till date these people have not been able to wear the Gandhi cap of the country due to intellectual prosperity and economic prosperity. Speaker Sir, ED, CBI, Income Tax are called very ‘special’ and ‘very sensitive institutions’ of the country.

“Where ‘their associates’ are sitting abroad after having spent crores of rupees, 12 lakhs, 14 lakh crores, ‘they’ do not have the capacity to recover (the spoils) even a single penny of this (largesse). ‘They’ have power over the country’s Adivasis (tribals), Dalits, Backwards, Minorities and innocent people; if ‘they’ had even committed a crime then it is a different matter, ‘they are torturing innocents.’

Why did you arrest me today, Mr Speaker, on the 8.30 acre land scam? If you have the courage then show me one piece of paper, proof, on the floor of the House that this 8.30 acre plot of land is in the name of Hemant Soren! If this happens, I will resign from politics from that day on. Give this to me.

Mr. Speaker, when it is not politically correct or provable, they attack from behind,`attack from the back.”

The Video may be viewed here

Today was Jharkand’s and Hemant Soren’s day on social media.

Five hours back, senior journalist, Urmilesh had this to say on ‘X’ formelrly twitter

अब तक Hemant Soren एक राज्य के मुख्य मंत्री थे..पर अब वह देश के एक बड़े नेता बन चुके हैं..आदिवासियों, दलितों और पिछड़ों के रहनुमा!

Until today Hemant Soren was a chief minister, now he is a messiah like leader of Adivasis, Dalits and Backwards for the whole of India


Sudhir Chaudhary tenders “unconditional apology” for hurting Adivasi sentiments, brushes off any responsibility, decries “vested interests of rich netas”



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