Fuel hike protests to hit Mumbai!

Mumbai Ola, Uber cab drivers plan to start their own protest, inspired by Delhi transporters’ 3-day protest


Fuel hike protests by private cab driver employees are soon to resume in Delhi and begin in Mumbai, reported union leaders of both cities on April 28, 2022. Sky-high prices of petrol, diesel and even CNG have made it difficult for drivers to ferry passengers, especially while paying toll.

Between April 18 and April 20, Sanyukt Transport Morcha’s protest saw 3,000 – 4,000 transport workers gathered in Delhi to decry rising fuel prices and demand better wages. Ola and Uber drivers, in particular, protested the company’s measly prescribed wages of ₹ 6 per km. President Sumit Bharadwaj that the drivers are entitled ₹22 to ₹23 for their services. However, with the companies taking 40 to 50 percent commission, the employees get meagre payments.



Along with other transporters from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana and many other states, the drivers demanded a subsidy on CNG (₹ 75 per kg), insurance and due payment. In response, Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot on April 19 assured the workers that a 13-member committee will look into their subsidy demands. However, even after 10 days workers have not received any intimation about potential exemptions.

“We will be resuming the protest soon if this silence continues. We are thinking of resuming protests in the city over the next month if the government does not respond,” said Bhradwaj.

Like the government, private companies Ola and Uber also responded to employee demands. However, where Ola increased wages by 16 percent, Uber increased the fare by 11 percent. Considering they received ₹ 6 per km, this increase equals to ₹1 or 95 paise.

“These government officials only give us assurances and no actual result,” said Bharadwaj.

However, acknowledging the impact and strength of the union, Mumbai’s Maharashtra App-based Transport Workers Union plans to make a formal announcement of city-wide protests. Overall, there are around 10,000 registered workers in the union. President Prashant Sawardekar explained that many employees of private driving services are migrants. Still recently, workers have unionised to voice their grievances about unaffordable fuel prices and fares. Nowadays CNG in the city is around ₹ 72 per kg.


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