Gandhi Samadhi Demolished, MP Govt’s Bid to Stop Medha Patkar’s Fast

NBA Calls it India’s Moment of Shame!

Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Madhya Pradesh police removes the Gandhi statue and memorial from the Badwani Rakcham in the dark of the night

Medha patkar

The Narmada Bachao Andolan had announced the indefinite hunger of Medha Patkar and others was to start at Chikhalda with a function at the Gandhi memorial at Rajghat, Badwani, today the 27th July 2017.

In what is being seen as a coercive operation, carried out in the dark of the night with elected representatives and bodies like Gram Sabha and Panchayat not even being informed, the Madhya Pradesh police removed the statue and memorial of Bappu from Rajghat on the night of July 26-27!

NBA has dubbed This a direct assault on protesting farmers and peasants.

P.S: The fierce opposition from NBA activists and peasants has reporter led to an embarrassing retreat. Reports from NBA activist indicator that the police have returned the memorial and are trying to plaster it back now.




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