Gau Rakhsa? Over 100 Cows Died in 10 days at Jaipur reports ANI

Asian News International (ANI) from Jaipur has reported that over 100 cows died in 10 days at the government-run Hingonia Gaushala alledgedly due to lapse in maintenance of cowshed.

While Gau Rakshaks (protectors of the cow) named the Cow Taliban in popular parlance are at large all over the country, with the tacit if not implicit support of the Central government, the plight of the ‘cow mother’ within BJP-ruled Rajasthan is pathetic. India Today further reports that two weeks ago, some some 225 staff of the shelter went on a strike to protest wage delays. Jaipur's municipal officials had refused to release their salaries, alleging the company they were outsourced from was blacklisted. Cows bear the brunt of the pestering dispute between the shelter employees and the government in Jaipur.
These cow carcases cram pick-up vans and trolleys. Many of those alive are as good as dead, limping around in watery mire with their weeping wounds. For cow vigilantes and animal lovers alike, it's perhaps an appalling case study that has unfolded at Hingonia, Jaipur. An indescribable stench has filled the air at Rajasthan's biggest cow shelter as the holiest animals starve, abandoned by their caretakers for almost two weeks.




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