Gau Rakshaks Strike Again, Kill Muslim Youth in Ahmedabad

UPDATE: Tension continued to grip Ahmedabad city as the relatives and close community members of Mohammad Ayub refused to accept the body of the 29 year old, who had been brutally thrashed until action had been taken against the Police Inspector who failed to stop the Gau Rakshaks (Cow Vigilantes) from attacking him. Till late evening, the group of persons had gathered at the Commissioner of Police's office at Shahi Baug demanding action. For a few hours, persons like Muftu Abdul Qayyum and others were arrested before they were released. Mufti Abdul Qayyum, author of Gyarah Saal Sarakhon ke peeche, is one of those falsely implicated in the Akashardham blasts and acquitted by the Supreme Court. (May 16, 2014). Dalit organisations have been supporting the protesting Muslims since late last night.

29 Year Old Mohammad Ayub who succumbed to brutal thrashing by Gau Rakshaks (Cow Vigilantes) in Ahmedabad on September 16 just as Narendra Modi, prime minister is all set to visit his home state on his birthday

Ahmedabad is tense as parents of 29 year old Mohammad Ayub, thrashed to his death by Gau Rakshaks have refused to accept his dead body until a case of murder under Section 302 is registered against the assailants. Though an FIR was registered two days ago when the brutal incident took place, the offence of murder has not been added. An irate but united crowd of Muslims and Dalits gathered today outside the municipal V.S, Hospital unfortunately known for it's partisan attitude towards patients. The crowd was there until late at night.

The Gujarat Today newspaper has filed a detailed report on the gory incident.Mohammad Ayub succumbed to his injuries at about 5 p.m. today. The incident around which they were attacked took place on September 13, three days ago, when the deceased Mohammad Ayyub and Sameer Sheikh were traveling in an Innova towards Ahmedabad with two calves. Suddenly they were chased by a mob calling themselves Gau Rakshaks who rammed into their car near Honest T-junction near Karnavati club in Ahmedabad, pulled them out of the car and beat them up. This incident happened at around 3 a.m. on September 13.

According to the police complaint lodged by Sameer Sheikh, Mohammad Ayyub tried to flee from the Gau Rakshaks but the Gau Rakshaks chased him and beat him up with sticks and rods. Sameer Sheikh was also beaten up and suffered injuries on his head. The police took Sameer Sheikh into custody but by the time they could reach Mohammad Ayyub, he had already suffered too many injuries, states the police version. The ambulance was called and Mohammad Ayyub was admitted to the Civil hospital while Sameer Sheikh was taken to Anandnagar Police Station. For some unknown reasons, Mohammad Ayyub was transferred from the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad to VS Hospital where he passed away this evening at 5 p.m.

The police had registered two FIRs, the first against Sameer Sheikh and Mohd Ayyub under the Cow Protection Act and the other against the Cow Vigilantes under Section 307 i.e. Attempt to Murder of the Indian Penal Code. However, while the police named the Cow Vigilantes (assailants) in the first FIR against Sameer Sheikh and Mohammad Ayyub and have also noted down the vehicle numbers, in the second FIR under Section 307, the attackers have been termed as 'unknown'. The vehicle numbers are GJ27 C9077 and GJ01 CZ 1180 and the names of the cow vigilantes in the first FIR are Janak Ramesh Mistry, Ajay Sagar Rabari and Bharat Nagj Rabari. The police have omitted the names in the second FIR that mentions attempt to murder in a clearcut ruse to weaken the case.

It is reported that, while Mohammad Ayyub may have been indulging in an illegal act according to the laws prevalent in the state of Gujarat, the Gau Rakshaks had no right to assault them and they should have been handed over to the police instead. However, the Gau Rakshaks are so empowered under the present regime that they take law into their own hands and go around thrashing people to death. Just two months back, Dalit boys in Una were thrashed up for skinning dead cows and now a man has been murdered in the middle of Ahmedabad by Gau Rakshaks.

Tomorrow, prime minister, Narendra Modi is going to be in Gujarat to celebrate his birthday while a 6 month old baby, a 3 year old toddler, a wife and a mother are going to mourn the loss of a father, a husband and a son, Mohammad Ayub 

What does the PM have to say about his fellow Gujaratis being killed and tortured by the very Gau Rakshaks that he promoted in his election speeches?
Both the Dalit and Valmiki Samaj have supported the family of the deceased and have condemned the act of fascist forces.There were large irate crowds gathered at the VS Hospital until late tonight.

 Late night Friday, September 16

 Late night Friday, September 16

Day time, Saturday September 17



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