Gauri Lankesh Murder: What do you make of this Hindutva hatred?

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While SIT probes Sri Ram Sene’s Rakesh Math for alleged involvement in Gauri Lankesh’s murder, Sene’s controversial poster boy Pramod Muthalik first agrees and then backtracks on his statements of knowing Parashuram Waghmore, who confessed to shooting the journalist. He recently indirectly referred to Gauri Lankesh as a dog (then retracted his statement) and another BJP Yuva leader said more Waghmore’s should be born in every Hindu home.
Bengaluru: It was reported on Saturday that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) had summoned Right-wing group Sri Ram Sene’s Vijayapura district president Rakesh Math for questioning. Probing the murder of Gauri Lankesh, senior police officials want to ascertain if Parashuram Waghmore, who confessed to killing her, was brainwashed by this right-wing group. “We have summoned Rakesh Math. He has not come yet,” the official said.
“The summons, by the investigating officials came after police claimed that Waghmore was associated with the radical right-wing group. Sources said Waghmore has a criminal record in Karnataka and was one of six men associated with the radical right-wing Sri Ram Sene arrested for hoisting the Pakistan flag in Sindhagi town in 2012 in an attempt to foment communal trouble. An official from the SIT said the team wanted to find out if the Math was involved in Lankesh’s murder and whether he “brainwashed” Waghmore to participate in the crime. The team believes that the Ram Sene district chief has a strong support base in coastal areas, including Mangaluru and parts of north Karnataka,” reported The Indian Express.
Sri Ram Sene founder and chief Pramod Muthalik had earlier said that he knew Waghmore but later backtracked after his pictures with Waghmore became viral on social media. He said that he had no links to the organisation. “Ram Sene has no connection with Parashuram. I don’t know what he has said before the SIT. There are so many people who click photographs with me but just by doing so, they do not become our worker,” he told ANI. He later added that Waghmore was an RSS worker.
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Right wing support for Waghmore

On the same day, the groups Facebook page shared a post with bank details to ask for financial help for Waghmore’s family. “Can you not share a portion of your earnings, a morsel of your food with patriots? Parashuram Waghmore’s family is in a financial crunch. Please help them by donating money,” the post says. The post comes with a photograph of Parashuram Waghmore along with an account number to which people have been requested to donate money,” reported The News Minute.
It has received more than 350 shares for the post and outpouring of support in the comment section. People have even posted the screenshots of successful transactions and the amount of money that was donated.
TNM also added, “Manchaleshwari Tonashyal, the Women’s Wing Chief of the Sene and a member of the BJP’s Yuva Morcha had also put up an alarming post on Facebook. “There will be a Parashuram Waghmore born in every house if anti-Hindu activities continue to be carried out by elements who are trying to sabotage the foundation of Hindutva in this country,” her Facebook post reads.
“Speaking to TNM, Pramod Muthalik, said that Manchaleshwari was not a part of the Sri Rama Sene any longer and was now working for the BJP. “Manchaleshwari left the Sene and joined the BJP a few years ago. The fund-raising is for a family which is suffering financially. It is being done only because members of the Sene are sympathetic towards a poor family. It is not being done at the behest of Parashuram Waghmore,” Muthalik said.
Likening Gauri Lankesh to a dog
On Sunday, Muthalik made these comments at a public meeting. “Two murders happened in Karnataka and two happened in Maharashtra during the Congress regime. No one is uttering a word over Congress government’s failure. Instead, they are asking why PM Modi is silent and not commenting on Gauri Lankesh’s death. Many wanted PM Modi to react after Lankesh’s death. Why should PM react if some dog dies in Karnataka?” news agency ANI said quoting Pramod Muthalik.
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Is Hindutva a fashionable brand that can be used to justify heinous crimes? Is the faith (Hinduism) that it relies on to seek legitimacy so weak that it needs defenders like Muthalik, Tonashyal and Waghmore? From the response and encouragement they received online, it is clear that people want to associate with hate for political legitimacy and journalists like Gauri Lankesh will then continue to be sacrificed at the alters of this venom.



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