Get 10 Muslim girls for losing 1 Hindu girl, says Sri Ram Sene in Karnataka

Pramod Muthalik instigated Hindu men to abduct Muslim girls each time that a Hindu girl marries or falls in love with a Muslim man.

Pramod Muthalik

At an event in Karnataka, Pramod Muthalik made a derogatory comment against Muslim women by urging Hindu men to “get 10 Muslim girls for losing 1 Hindu girl”. Muthalik is the chief of the Rashtriya Hindu Sena, the parent organisation of the Sri Ram Sene.

The speech made in Kannada implies that for every Hindu girl that marries a Muslim man or falls in love with a Muslim man, Hindu men should “get” or abduct 10 Muslim women as vengeance. Moreover, he said that Sri Ram Sene will take responsibility and provide financial security and employment to such Hindu men.

Muthalik is a known Hindutva hate fanatic who has been linked to the assault on women at a pub in Mangalore in 2009. Last month, while delivering a speech in Belagavi, he claimed that displaying a sword at home would not result in police officials filing any complaints and that the purpose of doing so was to defend women rather than to kill. He said that it was better to worship swords than tools or books on Ayudha Puja (conducted during Dussehra).

He had even opposed Karnataka government’s decision to establish colleges for Muslim girls. “We never thought BJP would indulge in appeasement of Muslims ahead of the Assembly elections. This is a divisive rule and the colleges are opened in the backdrop of the hijab crisis. This would make students develop a divisive mindset,” he had said.


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