Goa CM meets Hindu priest who reportedly called for genocide of Muslims

Acharya Paramhans reportedly met the Chief Minister of Goa, BJP’s Pramod Sawant in the state on February 18
Image: Hindutva Watch

The Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant recently met Ayodhya seer Paramhand Acharya. Meeting reporters in Goa, who greeted him with ‘Jai Sri Ram’, he stated to the media, ‘I really liked it here, this is my first visit. There are great place of Sanskritic importance. The previous governments did not look into Sanskritic importance due to their ideology. But it is being developed now. India’s culture is Vedic. And there is no religious text more ancient than Vedas. Every nation’s soul is its culture. We must preserve Vedic Sanskriti, where Bhagwan Ram was born, he should be venerated and followed in the country and across the globe.” The footage of his statement was posted by Prime TV Goa.

In a video uploaded by Hate Detectors, the monk can be seen being garlanded by the chief minister.

In a 2023 speech he has stated, “Muslims don’t have a ‘staan’ in India. Those who kill the cows, they should be killed.” He also asked to be made the prime minister of the country for an hour on Friday, and claimed that he would end Jihad by sending ‘them’ easily to Jannah. He also made statements about committing genocide against Muslims from Kashmir.

Acharya Paramhans has been in the news often his anti-Muslim stance. He was also in the news recently last year for calling for giving death threats to Tamil Nadu DMK leader Udayanidhi Stalin and offering a reward of Rs 10 Crore for his beheading. In 2022, he was also in the news for being stopped by the police from attempts to perform celebrations for Parshuram Jayanti in the Taj Mahal.



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