Gujarat: Citizens group may march to Raj Bhavan to protest “inaction by police”

Ahmedabad based rights group Minority Coordination Committee (MCC), calls for march on November 10 to protest “inaction by police on complaints by Muslim activists”

Minority Coordination Committee (MCC)

A Gujarat based rights group, named Minority Coordination Committee (MCC), has called for a citizens march to Raj Bhavan on November 10 to protest the alleged “inaction by police on complaints by Muslim activists” over incidents of communal incitement in Anand and Morbi districts of the state. 

The MCC representatives, told the media that their complaints refer to the October 24 incident where a Hindutva mob gathered and raised volatile slogans calling for an attack on Muslims. The mob verbally abused the community openly calling them traitors. This act of hate and abuse reportedly took place in Anand, Gujarat and came to light when a video clip of the ‘protest’ was shared on social media. The Hindutva mob, that included women, was seen and heard shouting slogans and posing for photos for cameras outside what was identified as a Muslim-owned business then. The mob was opposing the opening of the restaurant in their neighbourhood, with slogans such as “Desh ke daddaron ko… jhoote maro sa***n ko (beat the traitors with shoes)” a slogan made popular by some Bharatiya Janata Party leaders during election campaigns. They were also heard threatening Muslims with slogans such as, “If you want to stay in India, you will have to say Jai Sri Ram”.

It later came to light that the Hotel Blue Ivy is in fact jointly owned by Hindu and Muslim partners. The mob was also seen in some videos allegedly “purifying” the road with water while chanting communal slogans. According to a news report the construction of the hotel/ restaurant is under dispute at the Gujarat High Court between the owners and a prominent oncologist Dr Shailesh Shah, who is their neighbour.

According to Indian Express the MCC, stated that a “police complaint was sent by a resident of Anand against an activist Pinkal Bhatia and Dr Shah for allegedly inciting a mob with communal remarks”. Another complaint referred to an October 27  incident where a “sabha was organised in Morbi town where a woman activist Kajal Ben was allegedly heard making communal slogans in facebook live videos.”

The MCC convenor Mujahid Nafees, spoke to the media in Mirzapur, Ahmedabad and said, “Communal elements had recently organised sabhas in Anand and Morbi to incite people and when they approached police, their complaints were not converted into FIRs. The accused are roaming freely and inciting mobs towards violence. We have written letters to the chief minister and state home minister demanding immediate action against such elements to ensure safety and security of people in Gujarat.”

He added that the right group has given “time till November 9 to the Gujarat Police to take cognisance of the complaints and apprehend the accused. If the police fail to take action, then we will march from Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad to Raj Bhavan in Gandhinagar and will also approach the governor.”



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