Gujarat: Dalit boy allegedly dies at observation home in Khanpur

The youth’s family alleges the boy was tortured during his detention which eventually resulted in his death

observation home

Parents of a 17-year-old Dalit boy demanded a police probe into the mysterious death of the youth at an observation home in Khanpur of Ahmedabad on October 27, 2020, reported Indian Express.

The daily wage worker said that his son, who was detained for alleged assault, was dead by the time he reached the Civil Hospital in Asarwa. He had received a call earlier that day, regarding his son’s deteriorating health.

However, officials neither explained the cause of death nor did they allow him to visit the boy during his detainment. Following such treatment, he claimed that the boy was tortured in the observation home which eventually led to his death.

Additional Commissioner of Police Gautam Parmar said that the police are waiting for the post-mortem report to look into the allegations made by parents. However, an accidental death report was already filed on Tuesday evening at Shahpur police station. The in-charge officer R. J. Chudasama said that the police sent a sample of the deceased to the Forensic Science Laboratory. He further said that the police found no injury marks on the body during initial investigations.

The father insisted that both police and the administrative officials at the home denied him permission to meet his son throughout the detention period. Earlier, he consulted a lawyer but still did not get a chance to visit his child.

In response to this, the Isanpur police who arrested the boy said he was kept in the police station for two hours only on October 23, following which the boy was sent to the Juvenile Court with his mother.

On Friday, the youth was caught by the Isanpur police team in a brawl between two groups wherein three other people were arrested, although the deceased was the only minor offender. His father claimed the boy who had only studied till Class 3 was looking for a job.

After the court hearing, he was sent to the observation home run by the Gujarat State Child Protection Society. This is the same observation home that was hailed a decade ago for its reformative effect on its residents.


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