Gujarat: Hindu man killed by own community for using loudspeaker at temple

The daily wage earner was beaten to death in a Mehsana temple

Accused arrested | Image:  ANI

In the second such case in a week, a Hindu man was beaten to death by his fellow Hindus for using a loudspeaker in a temple. Langhnaj police from Mehsana have identified the deceased as a 42-year-old daily wage worker named Jashwanti Thakore.

According to the Times of India, Thakore was attacked when he was performing arti on loudspeaker with his brother Ajit in a Mehsana temple. The Times of India reported that the incident took place at 7 P.M on May 4, just two days after a similar incident where 30-year-old Barat Rathod of Bavla taluka was killed for the same reason, again by his fellow Hindus, though in that case they belonged to a different caste.

In this case though, police have filed an FIR against five people based on Ajit’s complaint, namely- Sadaji Thakor, Vishnuji Thakor, Babuji Thakor, Jayantiji Thakor, Javanji Thakor, and Vinuji Thakor on May 5. Given how they have the same last name as the victim, it is unlikely that this violence was driven by the caste factor.

TOI quoted excerpts from Ajit’s complaint where he said that Jashwanti and he were performing aarti at the Meldi Mata temple. “At the time, Sadaji approached us and asked us why we were playing the loudspeaker so loudly. Ajit told him that we were performing an aarti. Irked, Sadaji began abusing us for playing the loudspeaker,” recalled Ajit in his complaint.

When the brother refused to comply, Sadaji called his aids and five of them came rushing and beat up the brothers. Ajit’s 10-year-old nephew present at the spot called his mother who informed the police. The villagers who had gathered to watch the brawl then took the brothers to the hospital, where Jashwanti died during treatment. Ajit has suffered a fracture on his left hand.


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