Gujarat: Kajal Hindusthani delivers two anti-Muslim speeches, urges Hindu women to take up arms

Hindusthani, who had been granted bail on April 13, called her arrest a conspiracy, alleged that the Gujarat police is biased and scared of Muslims

Kajal Singhala a.k.a Kajal Hindusthani, the golden girl of extremist right-wing groups, is back from her break and has delivered two compelling speeches centred on the goals of Hindutva while using the occasion to spew anti-Muslim rhetoric. Hindusthani, who had been away from the limelight for  some weeks after being arrested by Gujarat police a week after delivering a similarly incendiary speech on March 30 on the occasion of Ram Navami in Gujarat’s Una town. The purported speech, delivered at an event organised by Shree Ramkrushna Janmotsava Samiti, had triggered communal clashes in Una at the time.

But now, the serial hate speaker is back and has given two speeches both located within the state of Gujarat. Through both the speeches, Hindusthani has majorly targeted and provoked Hindu women, urging them to take up arms to protect their dignity, their religion and their nation. As a part of our rigorous hate watch campaign, we have been diligently maintaining a record of the hate speeches being made by her on public platforms. From the pattern of her speeches, a major agenda behind her words, asking women to take the form of Goddess Kali, so that a false image of the revered Goddess combined with a perpetrated sense of insecurity from Muslim men is created in their minds, giving birth to more radicalised and provocative female leaders in like Sadhvi Rithambara and Sadhvi Pragya.

Hindusthani, a calling herself a religious leader, espouses a hard, right-wing, exclusionist ideology, and can be seen delivering incendiary and inciteful speeches through which she has targeted the religious minorities of our country, especially the Muslim community. Her current speeches, which are majorly in Gujarati, repeat the same 3-4 poems that urge the Hindu community to take up arms because “their religion and nation requires it.” In the first speech of the recent set of two speeches, delivered in Surat city of Gujarat, the video of which had been accessed by us on May 27, she delivered another frenzy communal speech, making open calls for establishing a Hindu nation. Through her poems, she called “non-violence a delusion”, something which was not envisioned by Hindu Lords, and said that the Hindus need to be ready now as their “battlefield demands sacrifice.”

The video can be viewed here:



In the other speech, made in the Kutch district of Gujarat, the video of which had been accessed by us on May 28, she delivered another communal and hate-spewing speech. Creating fear and insecurity in the minds of her Hindu audience, of the decline or erasure of their Hindu culture, Hindusthani made open calls to the women to take on the responsibility of protecting the Hindu culture and themselves. Selectively bringing in the issue of the Shraddha Walker murder case (because Aftab Poonawalla the man accused of murder is a Muslim), morphed to advantage the Hindu propaganda of Love-jihad, Hindusthani urges the women to become a Shraddha that can protest herself from Aftab, the accused in the murder case. She even spoke about her case, and said that it was the conspiracy of the Muslims to “shut her mouth”. The case against her in which she has been arrested was for the crime of provoking social disharmony with the potentiality of generating violence. She then states with a brazen impunity that even getting booked and sent to judicial custody will not dissuade her as Rani Lakshmi Bai, an icon of the resistance to the Britishers, was her ancestor.

She then proceeds to spread misinformation by saying that the Gujarat police is scared of acting on the illegal and criminal acts of the Muslims, such as throwing stones and glass bottles at the Hindu community processions, alleging that the police is “scared” of them. She further said that the action taken against her was because she was a Hindu, and to make the headlines, and was the police way of justifying the criminal acts committed by the Muslim population.

She also explained that the “trap” of Love-Jihad is being spread through four mediums- Bollywood, social media, creating an environment of fear and through drugs. She states that the Muslim community agenda behind supplying drugs to every district, every city and every village of our country is to ensure that Hindus are harmed and destroyed. With the aim of ensuring that her audience does not believe any other narrative than promoted by her and her peers, she said that the words uttered and ideology promoted by the left inclined social media, communist and the opposition are all a part of the Muslim agenda, and are working from within the country to create a divide.

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It is crucial to note that Hindusthani has been described as a “crowd puller at the local levels” by her Vishwa Hindu Parishad mentors. Thus, she uses the popular terms, and  frequently raises the issue of so-called “love-jihad” — a term used to describe the alleged efforts of Muslims to convert Hindu women through marriage — along with words such as “land jihad“. Most of the times, she refer to the Muslim community as ‘Jihadis’, and ‘aatankwaadi (terrorists)’.

The arrest of Kajal Hindusthani by Gujarat Police

Kajal Hindusthani, who had been evading arrest for a week after she had been first booked for giving a hate speech at Una town in Gir Somnath district during the Ram Navami celebrations, was arrested finally on Sunday, April 9, 2023, after she surrendered at the Una town police station Sunday morning. A local court sent her to judicial custody after the police did not seek any remand. She was sent to Junagadh jail. On April 13, a Gujarat court had granted bail to Hindustani.

As per the information provided by the police, tension had built up after Hindusthani’s speech in Una as a mob of around 200 people had assembled and allegedly indulged in violence by pelting stones and glass bottles at the homes of people and passer-by’s. They had also vandalised vehicles.

Hindusthani was also booked under IPC Sections 195A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs), 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc. and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony) and 505 (statements conducing to public mischief).



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