Gujarat Police Uses Strong Arm Tactics, Severely Injures Four Minor Protesters: Rally for Narmada Valley

Activists have reported that Gujarat Police arrested Activist Medha Patkar, Goldman Environmental Prize 2017 winner Prafulla Samantara, Dr. Sunilam and approximately 60 more people participating in Rally For The Valley organized by Narmada Bachao Andolan. They were taken across the border and are being presently detained in a MP police station, PS Nanpur, Alirajpur, District. Clearly Gujarat is not willing to even stomach a peaceful protest on the Narmada issue.

Medha Patkar

Gujarat, June 07, 2017: Around 2 PM, Gujarat Police arrested well known social activist Medha Patkar, noted Goldman Environmental Prize 2017 winner Prafulla Samantara, Dr. Sunilam, Aradhna Bhargava, Madhuresh Kumar, Himshi Singh, supporters from Gujarat and approximately 60 more people at Gujarat Border in Chhota Udaipur district. People of Narmada Valley are not going to succumb to any Govt. threat or pressure. More people are joining the rally and will challenge the unconstitutional arrest of NBA leader Medha Patkar and others. Four young Protesters were severely injured when a police vehicle went over one person's foot; another has sustained a severe fracture in the shoulder.

June 7, on the 3rd day of Rally For The Valley, Medha Patkar, Prafulla Samantara, Soumya Datta, Dr. Sunilam, Jasbir Singh (All India Kisan Sabha, MP), Nita Mahadev (a noted Gandhian, Gujarat) and hundreds of supporters were detained at Kavta check post, kavta village of Chhota Udaipur district. The rally was going to visit the Jeevanshala (a school run by Narmada Navnirmaan Abhiyan) of Chimalkhedi, Maharashtra, which was stopped by Gujarat Police from crossing the Gujarat border. The police officials failed to produce any written order. Even the vehicles with Gujarat number plate and local buses were stopped from crossing the border.

Activists appeal:

We appeal to the citizens of this country and human rights defenders to expose the brutal and unconstitutional attack by Gujarat Govt. and Gujarat Police officials who have been rampant on suppressing the people’s movements, and call the police officials and Home ministry of state to immediately release all the activists and people of Narmada Valley.

Here is the FB Link from the Narmada Bachao Andolan page



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