Haryana: Abusing Gandhi, Nehru, Muslims in one breath, saffron-clad mendicant at VHP-Bajrang Dal meet

The speaker, one Shivanand Maharaj, said that killing of thousands for protecting religion, women and cows is justified in Hindu scriptures

In Indri, Haryana, one more hate-filled speech was delivered by Monk Shivanand Maharaj at an event organised by the Hindutva fringe outfits of Vishwa-Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. The said speaker referred to Muslims as top enemies of Hindus, and advocated, as well as justified, committing mass violence against the minority community. The speech was both inciteful and stigmatising and derogatory towards the Muslim community, having the potential of hurting the harmony between different faiths existing in our country.

In his speech, the monk bad-mouthed Mahatma Gandhi and Jawarharlal Nehru too, called them Muslim sympathisers, and urged their audience to not follow the path of non-violence that Gandhi advocated for.

Extracts from the speech:

“Muslims are our enemy. These people who cannot even be a brother to their own sister, how can they be a brother to us? The day you understand this, on that day 1300 lakh boys will not convert to Muslims.”

“Remember, in order to protect our sisters and daughters, to protect even one of our daughters, if you want to kill a thousand, then u must. This is written in our Vedas, Ramayana, and other scriptures. In order to protect ourselves, our religion, our country, our women and our cow, you have to pick up swords and cut the heads of thousands.”

“They are courageous because you all are weak and cowards, have been following the path of that non-violent Gandhi. The day the lion in you rises and roars, these Muslims will pee in their pants.”

“How can those people be called as brave and fighters when they betrayed their own religion fearing the sharpness of a sword?”

“Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Christians, how can these be brothers when one is empathetic and the other one is a murderer? They were never our brothers, and never will be our brothers. We will have to fight them. Why will we be fighting them? Because, I am warning you that, I have calculated this on my phone, if we keep on giving birth to 2 children and those people give birth to 5 children, then within 22 years, then they will take over. And once they take over, we will not even be allowed to walk on this land of India.”

“Remember, the Congress has since forever sided with the Muslims, and they are Muslims only. Whoever taken a stand with Muslims, they themselves are Muslims.”

“Jawarharlal Nehru and Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, both of these were neither Mahatama nor Pandits, they were traitors, characterless, liars, and pets of the Britishers.”

“Gandhi used to say that even if a Muslim comes and spits on me, I will not say anything about it, I will still treat them as family. But remember this, whoever can drink the spit of a Muslim, they can also drink the pee of a Muslim. And someone who can drink the pee of a Muslim will not be your protector. Gandhi is a cow killer, the killer of Hindutva, and he also erased Ram from our history.”

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