Haryana Police body complains to Election Commissioner over votes stolen from them

HPS alleges that senior officials asked policemen deployed in election duty to handover their Form 12 with details and Unstamped Ballot Papers. Form 12 is a formal application for election duty staff to cast their votes through postal ballot.
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The Police Body “Haryana Police Sangathan” (HPS) has complained to the Election Commission over the alleged “theft of votes” through manipulation in their postal ballot papers at the behest of senior officers. The HPS has lodged a written complaint to State Election Commission seeking their intervention into the allegation that their votes were stolen from them and they were deprived from a free and fair vote. The state of Haryana went to polls in the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections on May 25.

The Sangathan has sent a complaint to the State election Commissioner and mentioned that their cops were called to their respective district police Superintendent’s office or the district police headquarters and instructed to submit their Form No. 12 along with their details and unstamped ballot paper.

The HPS is an association of serving and former police personnel, has a strength of nearly 50,000 police officials. The group has lodged a complaint with the State Election Commission requesting their intervention into the claim that their votes were stolen.

Mahendragarh SP, Arsh Verma said that “Postal ballots are done in full secrecy”. He also maintained that the letter was issued by the nodal officer and that they had received no complaint regarding this matter. Meanwhile, the SEC’s nodal media officer Manish Lohan said that they were not aware of any such complaint, and would look into the same once “fully apprised” of the matter. The Wire reported.

HPS president Dilawar Singh Said that nearly 50,000 police officials were posted in Haryana, most of whom were posted away from their hometowns or deployed on election duties these days. “The police personnel do not get leave on the day of polling, but they can cast their votes through postal ballot. However, instead of allowing them to cast their votes through postal ballots on their own, they are called to the district police headquarters to submit their particulars along with Form No. 12 and unstamped ballot papers,” said Dilawar Singh. The Tribune reported.

Singh said that owing to their experience with postal ballots in 2019 as well, several police personnel refused to vote this time. The Complaint further added that the DGP of Haryana ordered all the policemen on-duty to deposit their forms and particulars with the Police Welfare Department, which also functions as the Election Cell.

Earlier the HPS had appealed to the State Election Commission to ensure that the policemen deployed on election as well as law-and-order duties are handed over their copies of Form No.12 individually and are allowed to cast their votes in the presence of the candidates contesting the elections or their agents.

The Sangathan along with complaint has also attached a copy of letter dated 13.05.2024 issued by the office of the Superintendent of Police (SP), Mahendragarh in this regard. 

The letter of SP Mahendragarh dated 13.05.2024 Can be read here:


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