Hate campaign the PM knows nothing about

VHP peppers tribal regions with hate pamphlets


Ranchi, June 25: By the year 2050, the Hindus would come to a minority in the ‘Akhand Bharat’ (Greater India), comprising India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, if the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and its allied organisations are to be believed.

In a massive propaganda, the VHP is distributing pamphlets and booklets in the tribal hinterland exhorting the tribals and “fellow Hindus” to unify in the face of the “looming threat” and “teach a lesson” to the minorities. 

The booklets and the pamphlets have over emphasised the threat perception on Hinduism with hate propaganda against the minorities, particularly the Christian missionaries. The booklet says that in the year 1891, there were 80 per cent Hindus in the ‘Akhand Bharat’ which came down to 67.9 per cent in 1991 and it will come down to 48 per cent in 2050. 

Doling out another figure, the book published by the Sanskriti Raksha Manch says there is something called “Operation Mobilisation” by which the Christian missionaries intend to make religious literature and Bible available to 10 crore Indians by the end of the year.
The VHP and its allied organisations have planned to take their propaganda drive to every village. It has also planned several functions in the tribal hinterland to “make the people aware of their cultural and religious supremacy”.

Another booklet published by one Bharat Loktantrik Morcha, has lampooned the Christian priests and made them into actors. It claims that the Christian priests wear bhagwa (saffron) clothes and conduct artis of Jesus Christ in the church, fooling the illiterate Hindus villagers in the rural areas. “These Hindus start believing that Christ too was one of their gods and thus become Christians by default,” the booklet points out.

Taking another dramatic angle, the booklet mentions that “Christian girls entice Hindu boys” for marrying them and then converting them to Christianity. Several thousand copies of the pamphlets carrying intense hate propaganda have been lined up for distribution in the area. All of them have lampooned Christianity in particular and made the followers as some kind of “modern day monsters”. 

As a result of the large–scale circulation of the pamphlets and the booklets, it is being increasingly felt here that if its proliferation is not checked, the situation may become volatile in the near future.n 

(From a news report in The Hindustan Times, June 26).

 Distribution of anti-Christian pamphlets alarms MPs

NEW DELHI: The recent spate of attacks on minorities and the “free distribution of hate material,” attacking missionaries have caused grave concern among Christian MPs who have felt the need to form a forum in order to focus attention on this issue and take it up with the Central government.

Former minister Eduardo Faleiro of the Congress, also a member of this forum, said he was written to the home minister enclosing copies of pamphlets circulating in UP and demanded that such provocative material be confiscated. These pamphlets, purportedly published by the Hindu Jagran Manch, Kashi and Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Gujarat, attack Christian missionaries for going in for conversions in the guise of helping the poor.  

(From a news report in The Times of India, May 9)

Sangh leaders gloat over Bible-bashing book

NEW DELHI, May 20: Sangh Parivar leaders have their noses buried in a new book now, Holy Vedas and Holy Bible — A Comparative Study, an attempt by a  Sangh loyalist to ridicule the Bible.

The contents is self–explanatory. It lists: Obscene episodes in Bible, Moral code of conduct in Vedas, Bible preaches atrocious intolerance, Vedas preach fraternity, Human sacrifice in Bible, non–violence in Vedas and Biblical god is jealous and vindictive, Vedic god is benevolent.

Whether it’s the RSS hedquarters in Jhandewalan, the BJP’s central office on Ashoka  Road or the Vishwa Hindu Parishad media centre, everyone is talking about how forcefully the book has “exposed” the vices in The Holy Bible and the missionaries’ design to Christianise India.

 The author is a known face in Sangh circles. Mr Kanayalal M Talreja, a migrant from Sindh, adheres to RSS ideology though Sangh leaders claim he was never a part of the organisation. The book was released recently by VHP working president Mr Ashok Singhal.
Mr Talreja has dedicated the book to Dayanand Saraswati, Veer Savarkar and RSS founder, Keshav Baliram Hedgewar. 

The book questions Jesus Christ’s birth and quotes elaborately from the New Testament to prove that Mary was not a virgin and had other children. At one  place the author asks missionaries “why Christ did not accept his holy mother and his beloved brothers.”
Among the “obscene” episodes mentioned are “Reuben’s sexual intercourse with his father’s concubine, Judah’s sexual intercourse with his widoweddaughter-in-law and castration recommended by Jesus Christ.”

The leaders, however, shy from making comments in public about the book, for fear of controversy. The BJP has decided not to patronise the book. The party  headquarters’ bookstall does not have it. “It is merely the work of an individual,” a  senior BJP leader said guardedly.

However, VHP senior vice-president Mr Giriraj Kishore, did not have any qualms  talking about the book. For, he felt, the truth must come out. In fact, the book contains much less than what’s mentioned in the original version of the Bible, he  said.

(From a news report in The Statesman, May 21).

‘Revenge is necessary’

  •  “The police ran away, the magistrate and his staff hid under the table to save themselves. The Muslim boy and the Hindu girl were beaten to death by the people and their dead bodies were left in the court room…. since thousands were involved, no one was convicted. The incident of Halvad is etched in golden letters in the proud history  of Hindu samaj. Revenge of this type is necessary against such abduction of our girls.”
  •   “In the complaints we file to take revenge, we should implicate the top authorities of the mission and if possible, foreign missionaries also… They may not be convicted in the court in the end, but they should be made to go up and down the court for months on end… harassment is also a type of punishment.” 
(From a secret document in wide circulation in Gujarat. See Communalism Combat, April 2000 for details)

‘Missionaries have no right to live in India’
“For years, Christian padres have always abused (gaaliyan dekar) Hindu gods and goddessess and spread hatred against Hinduism. Christian and Muslim countries are sending thousands of crores of rupees to India in order to enslave the country through conversions. Hindus will soon become a minority and they will suffer in the same way as in Fiji, Kashmir, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Things are moving fast and soon you will be powerless to do anything about it.” 

(From, Isai missionariyon ka bharat par aakramand [Christian missionaries launch an assault on India], by A. Shankar, Bharat Loktantrik Morcha).
Another edition of the same pamphlet published by the VHP contains the chilling sentence: “Because missionaries are utilising the mercenary press to spread dozens of lies against Hindus, they have no right to live in India.” 

Christians compared to Hitler

One pamphlet compares Christian priests to Hitler (an inappropriate comparison, one would have thought, given that the founders of the RSS had a benign view of the Nazi dictator): “With the same obsession of superiority with which Hitler murdered the Jews in gas chambers, missionaries are trying to make Hindus accept that Christianity is the most superior religion. Christians are coming in the way of the work of Hindu orgainsations and are engaging in violence and murders.”

(From, Seva ki aadh mein church ka shadyantra [The church’s evil designs under cover of social service], Hindu Jagran Manch, Meerut, 1999)

Archived from Communalism Combat, July 2000, Year 7  No. 60, Cover Story



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