Hate Speech: Is administering an ‘oath’ to make India a ‘Hindu-rashtra’ legal?

Suresh Chavhanke CEO-Sudarshan News, continues administering anti-Constitutional ‘Hindu Rashta’ oath

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“We pledge to make Hindustan a Hindu rashtra… if needed we will offer ‘sacrifice’ and if needed we will take ‘sacrifice’,” intones Suresh Chavhanke, Editor-in-Chief and news anchor at Sudarshan News. The hall full of Hindutva followers repeat his words. They are ready to take to violence and are taking the oath at a gathering in Ambala city in Haryana. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Aseem Goyal is also seen taking the “Hindu Rashtra” oath at the event held on Sunday.

Chavhanke, is already facing trial in a hate speech case for similar offences he committed in Delhi in December. 


In at least three instances courts have sought Action Taken Reports (ATR) in cases filed against Chavhanke who is notorious for his spewing venom against minorities using his TV channel and also on public platforms. In September 2020, SabrangIndia’s sister organisation, Citizens for Justice and Peace had moved the News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) – now known as News Broadcasting & Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) against Sudarshan News for airing a communally inflammatory promotional video for its show exploring a “controversy” on “infiltration” of Muslims in public services, while demeaningly terming it ‘UPSC Jihad’. The same was forwarded to the Union I&B Ministry by the authority since Sudarshan TV is not a member of the National Broadcasters Association (NBA).

In December 2021, Chavhanke, took his #हिंदुराष्ट्र_की_शपथ or the oath for a Hindu nation across the country. His team allegedly filmed over two dozen children dressed in a school uniform pledging to “fight, die and kill” to create a “Hindu Rashtra”.     The kids are heard saying, “may our Gurudev, our Kul Devata (family god), our Gram Devata (village god), our ancestors and Bharat Mata give us strength and victor”.

He also administered the oath at Hindutva events held elsewhere: 

Last week, on April 22, the Delhi Police said it will file a “better” affidavit after the Supreme Court pulled them up for their affidavit which concluded that no hate speech was made at a December 2021 Hindu Yuva Vahini event in the city. According to news reports a two-judge bench, comprising Justices A.M. Khanwilkar and Abhay S Oka, asked,  “The affidavit has been filed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police. We hope he has understood the nuances. Has he merely reproduced the inquiry report or applied his mind? Is it your stand as well or the reproduction of inquiry report of Sub Inspector level officer?” 

Still a free man despite his many hate speeches, an emboldened Suresh Chavhanke posted this allegedly illegal oath on Facebook too. 


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