Hate speech and communal tensions simmers across the nation

Communal incidents in multiple states against Muslims and Christians seemingly become routine as hate speeches continue to be given with little action against them.

Communal events spanning various regions, from Uttar Pradesh to Karnataka continue. Hate speech rampant with allegations of forced conversions against Christians, threat to minorities, and hints at genocide continues to rise and create a tense atmosphere for minorities.

Mau, Uttar Pradesh

In the lead-up to an assembly by-election in Ghosi, tensions are simmering in the Mau district of Uttar Pradesh. Disturbing reports suggest that teachers and children at Jamia Amjadia, an educational institute, are facing harassment by the police. Furthermore, allegations have surfaced regarding the physical mistreatment of hostel children and their forced return to their homes. A video, posted on September 4th, provides evidence of these claims, further intensifying concerns in the region.

Azamnagar, Katihar, Bihar

In Azamnagar, Bihar, an alleged local monetary dispute between members of the Christian and Hindu communities has taken an alarming communal turn. Inflammatory allegations have flared up against Christian minorities of allegedly converting poor people. These actions have sparked outrage among Hindu far-right groups, who claim that the alleged missionaries pressured people into conversion, even offering monetary incentives.

Reporter Suman Sharma for the Kosi News, stated that a group of 15 Christians from various Christian organisations have come over to convert members of the poor, helpless members “Sanatan Dharam” into Christianity using methods of coercion, force, and brainwashing. He goes on to mention there was an atmosphere created by these alleged missionaries to pressure people for conversion, and even monetary encouragement was also given. However authorities on the other hand have conveyed the matter revolves around a small monetary issue between two men. Commenting on the allegations of religious conversion, the police has stated that they are investigating, and the matter is of a dispute regarding money between two people.

Karwar, Karnataka

In Karwar, Karnataka, a monthly committee meeting held by members of the Christian community was disrupted by local residents who alleged of religious conversions. A video shared online on September 4th shows chaotic scenes, with community members being pushed around.

Chandwad City, Nashik, Maharashtra

On September 3, 2023, the Sakal Hindu Samaj organised the Virat Hindu Jan Akrosh Morcha in Chandwad City, Nashik, where far-right speakers delivered hate-filled speeches against Muslims. These speakers peddled conspiracy theories and openly called for violence. “The green grass has overgrown! It isn’t thrown out, then it’ll give you a lot of problems later on.” one of the female speakers said.

The inflammatory rhetoric also included anti-Muslim slurs and calls for boycotting Muslim teachers, bus drivers, and shopkeepers as another far-right speaker called for such a boycott.


Kaithal, Haryana

In Kaithal, Haryana, leaders of the Gau Raksha Dal promoted hatred towards Muslims in the Mewat region and justified the use of violence by cow vigilantes. References to Mewat as “mini-Pakistan” and blaming the Muslim community for various issues have raised alarms about the potential for further unrest in the area, which saw widespread violence in August last month.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

In a disturbing incident in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Mahant Balaknath Yogi, a BJP Member of Parliament from Alwar, delivered a hate speech during the Virat Hindu Sangam event. He made explicit threats towards non-Hindus by saying that “Sanatan will slay the head of those Adharmis” who to try break the unity of humanity. Balakanath Yogi’s speech added fuel to the fire by suggesting that terrorism attributed to Muslims is not just an Indian problem but a global issue. According to The Quint, the Alwar MP was seen in January this year to be threatening police officials by calling them “goons”, and promising the return of BJP in Rajasthan in 8 months. Rajasthan sees state assembly elections later this year.

These incidents occurring across India raise crucial questions about the impact of hate speech on the social fabric and the question of maintenance of law and order. These events seem to span across Congress as well as BJP ruled states. As the general assembly elections are approaching, these acts become even more worrying as their frequencies rise. What becomes a further source of alarm is that these events are used to gain electoral victories as they witness a misuse of religion often leading to communal tensions and polarisation. A report by Sabrang India has noted that communal hate speech offenders with cases against them have a three times higher chance of winning elections.



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