Hate speech, fear mongering at an event in the national capital

Hindutva organisation named Sarva Hindu Samaj organised an event in the national capital makes provocative speech in the national capital.

The recent Hindu Mahasabha organised by Sarva Hindu Samaj in New Delhi took a disturbing turn when far-right speakers delivered inflammatory speeches, seemingly calling for violence against minorities. The event has raised concerns over communal tensions and the potential for further escalation of hate-driven incidents.

During the gathering, one speaker drew parallels to past events in Gujarat, referencing the tragic Sabarmati train incident, saying, “Remember, my friends, the same happened in Gujarat. ’They’ used the same tactics and burned the Sabarmati train in Gujarat.”

Adding to the alarming rhetoric, another speaker made controversial remarks urging attendees to take matters into their own hands. Our sisters are being kidnapped due to love jihad. Our sister’s clothes are being snatched, our bothers are being killed. We keep on doing what we’ve always done, but now we must go ahead and take a step further.

The call to “take care” of their sisters and daughters, with the assurance of financial and legal support in case of any legal repercussions was repeated at the event.

The alleged bogey of “love jihad” was also used during the gathering, with speakers propagating unverified claims of Hindu women being kidnapped and their clothes being snatched as another speaker stated “Take care of your sisters and daughters! We will take care of all legal concerns. We will take financial and legal care of whoever goes to jail. These days’ police put one in jail under cases of hate speech. It does not matter, if we have sometimes gone to jail, we can very well go again. 

It is important to note that this is not the first instance where the Sarva Hindu Samaj has been involved in contentious situations. Previously, the group opposed the construction of a shop owned by a Muslim man in Sonkatch town, Madhya Pradesh, and thus reveals a pattern of intolerance and discrimination.


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