Hate Speech in Rajasthan spirals, polls at year end

A trishul distribution event sees targeted hate speech against Christians

Hate Speech

A disturbing video of a speech exhorting Hindus to arm themselves against Christians and Muslims has surfaced from Rajasthan. The video contains inflammatory language, disinformation and dog whistles against India’s minorities. The speech was made by Ishwar Lal, a long time RSS pracharak and district chief of Vishwa Hindu Parishad at a Trishul Diksha Samraoh  (Trishul Initiation Ceremony) held near the Rajasthani city of Jodhpur, well known among international tourists for its forts and handicrafts. About 500-600 people attended the event held on December 3rd, 2022. 

Ishwar Lal is a repeat offender and hate speech on his youtube channel has been reported by CJP and taken down by Youtube in the past.

Description: Invitation to the event on social media. Ishwar Lal was the chief speaker (mukhya vakta). Shree Ramvicharji Maharaj is among the other attendees. 

The event was held in the village of Lori-Dajgara, twenty six kilometers from Jodhpur. In the video Ishwar Lal can be heard making stunning, provocative claims in a speech laced with disinformation. At the time of writing this report, the video was available publicly on his youtube channel and Facebook page. In fact it appears that the video was first broadcasted live from Ishwar Lal’s own Facebook page


Iswar lal’s rambles in this sometimes incoherent speech, railing against pet Hindutva peeves of Christians, Muslims, Communists and Bollywood. His entire thirty nine minute speech is replete with hate speech against minorities, egregious lies, occasional misogyny and deliberate fear-mongering. He raises familiar bogeys of ‘Love Jihad’ and reiterates disinformations like Muslims brought untouchability to India and that with rising population Muslims will take over temples from Hindus in the coming decades. 

We here list the timestamps that are particularly distasteful, are often lies and are sometimes potentially unlawful. 

4:43-5:10  Hitler sent German women to India to be impregnated by Hindu men

13:17- 15:43 Ever since we have been singing Gandhi’s song ‘Ishwar Allah Tero Naam, Sabko sanmati de Bhagwan’ we have been in trouble. We sing this song from our temples but they don’t sing it from their mosques. Hindus are not allowed to go to Mecca for Hajj. Hindus pray to the Cow , they eat the cow. We (Hindus) give rotis to the cow, they eat the cow with rotis. Did you see how many pieces they cut Shraddha into?

17:55 – 19:07  Even during his exile, Ram had not given up his weapons. We pray to the weapons (shastra-pooja) but don’t have any at home. Each hindu home should have weapons. People ask what purpose will this ‘trishul’ solve, give us pistols. I say when there will be fighting, pistols will be of no use, but even a stick will be useful. If he were armed, the tailor Kanhiaya(referring to the 2022 beheading incident in Udaipur allegedly over posting content blasphemous on Prophet Mohammad) would not have died. We have TV, fridge, our children have scooties, bikes but no weapons to defend themselves. On the other hand ‘they’ have collected stones on their rooftops so that ‘‘their’ small girls can hit and kill at least one hindu. But we don’t have any weapons in our house. 

21:35 – 21:56 Even Gods exploit the weak. So be strong. Only then can we protect this society, our mothers, the cow and religion. For this we need weapons. We need weapons. 

23:14- 25:00 Have you ever seen a Muslim give seeds to birds? Have you seen a Muslim build roadside water coolers? Have you seen Muslims collect money for earthquake or flood relief? Have you seen them run hospitals for the physically challenged? Who does all this? The Hindu does. Hindu will construct a water cooler and Muslim will drink from it. Hindu will plant trees and Muslims will breathe in the oxygen. They don’t want to do these stupid things. They want to take over the country by marrying four women and begetting 25-30 children. They want to take over important posts from sarpanch to president of India. You are looking for jobs and they want to be the people who give jobs. They know what is important and what is an emergency. 

30:56-32:07 Today the Hindu religion is in danger. Christians are out first enemy. They go to tribal areas and convert them. Mother Teresa had converted thousands of Hindus to Christianity. Second enemy is the Muslim.They have 5 lakhs Madrassas and 3.5 lakhs Masjids. They want to fight and take over Indias. They have 18 terrorist organizations. Money comes from abroad. Muslims have no death of manpower and money power. 

He ends the speech by exhorting ‘Hindus’ to not practice untouchability and not be divided into castes but to unite so that ‘enemies’ can be destroyed. 

Description: The social media post that shows the Trishuls that were handed out at the event 


There have reportedly been multiple ‘Trishul’ distribution programs in rural Jodhpur some of which have been addressed by Ishwar Lal and attended by Ramvicharji Maharaj. These events have been reportedly held at Balesar, Rampura, Osiyan, Dechu among other places.

Posters indicate that another event featuring the same speaker will be held on January 15th in Lohawat, Jodhpur. 

At the time of writing this article, no action has been taken in response to these events, leading to the question of whether the authorities are failing to address the gravity of the issue.


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