Hate Watch: Did a Bajrang Dal member descecrate a Muslim shrine in Ballabgarh?

Jeet Vashisht remains unmasked in the videos and introduces himself as well as his fellow Dal members, however he has escaped arrest so far

Bajrang Dal

Jeet Vashishth looks like a typical young man who may be waiting to find the right job, and is meanwhile whiling away his time making mundane videos. However, that is not the case. Vashishth who claims to be a Bajrang Dal member, is working hard to be ‘recognised’ as a Hinndutva leader. For that, he is leading Hindutva mobs that are allegedly going around various areas in Haryana.

The group has recently vandalised an Islamic shrine in Ballabgarh and set its books, drapes, amulets and other items they found ablaze. In the videos Vashishth has had recorded, he and his ‘colleagues’ are heard saying that there was ‘magic’ being performed at the mazaar, and ‘sex medicines’ that allegedly render ‘Hindu men impotent’ were kept. Of course they accused, without any proof that ‘books from Pakistan’ (he showed a book titled Panj Surah in Hindi), religious amulets. 

He and the others, accused Muslims of bizarre and illegal activities, and asked locals if they had seen any such acts in the dargah. The two onlookers they asked denied seeing any ‘evil’ activities that the Hindutva group accuses Muslims of conducting at the shrine. Vashishth ignores them and continues his communal rant, showing how he and his group desecrated the shrine. Another man named Rahul accuses the state administration of ignoring these activities. Another man called Manish says, “We oppose this, we do not want this mazar here.” 

The Hindutva group keep saying “sex pills and Pakistani books” have been found. As always, they punctuate the silence between their repeated dialogue with “Jai Jai Shree Ram”. He does not have much of a followership on youtube, but that has not stopped him from posting videos of his anti-Muslim vigilante acts.



It is on Facebook that he finds ‘fame’ where he has over 50 thousand followers, and each of his communal hate videos get over a thousand likes. 


Jeet Vashisht remains unmasked in the videos and introduces himself as well as his fellow Dal members. He was last in the news in October when he led his group around Faridabad, Haryana, threatening meat shop owners to down their shutters. He claims he is ready to face arrest, almost as if he is looking forward to it as it will be a boost to his ‘career’. However, it is not known if Haryana police have initiated any action against him.


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