Hate Watch: Pinky Chaudhary gets grand send-off as he surrenders

He was honoured with garlands and slogans in his support as he surrendered before the Delhi Police

Hate MongersImage Courtesy:apnlive.com

Hate monger Pinky Chaudhary surrendered before the Delhi Police on August 31. But the event was not without drama, as his followers put up quite a show of support. 

Loud cries of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and ‘Pinki Chaudhary zindabad’ could be heard from the crowd hailing the hate offender who made a deeply communal and blatantly anti-Muslim speech at Jantar Mantar on August 8. Shockingly, the police presence at the spot failed to deter any of this shameless display of support for Chaudhary.

The video tweeted by journalist Prashant Kumar shows Chaudhary garlanded and being carried on the shoulders of men.

The police had been looking for the Hindu Raksha Dal chief, conducting raids across Delhi after his pre-arrest bail plea was denied by the court.

But in a clear mockery of the justice system and the law, a hate offender was hailed as a hero by a majoritarian mob, his hateful words celebrated publicly, even as law enforcement authorities watched. 

This only gives a virtual Carte Blanche to other hate offenders to target the minority Muslim community, and other minorities, setting a dangerous precedent.


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